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 Ralph Knight Jr "Count up your Sins, your Sins have been Counting"

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PostSubject: Ralph Knight Jr "Count up your Sins, your Sins have been Counting"    Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:08 pm

Name: Ralph Knight Jr.

Age: 17

Personality: the shy one of the group as he mostly do not talk but show his feeling in the dance he can do. But he does have a happy side to him. You just have to get used to him due to him being a transfer, and a new kid in town.

In all Ralph is a loveable guy who have a speech imperment who fight for happyness. But some time he is shy due to him having a speech impairment and a learning disability that make him learn in a slower pace. But the one thing that Ralph  have that no one does he is very very Loyal to his friends, family and team given the change.

Appearance: mostly were Rip gray jeans with cross angle on it with a Tee that say Life is ok, but you must follow your heart to find your dream!, On the winter He Wear a Sweetshirt with black angels wings with Sweetpants with Swords going though hearts, And for the spring and summer you see him with a dark jacket with gray tee and a mix of jeans and shoes, Winter is dark black boots

His Hair is Part Black and Part Purple, the hair is very long. Also on his hand there is a gray-blue watch he have that was one of the gift that his sister bought him . Also He have a Rosario necklest which he bought for himself, it is a sliver cross with a red dot on it

Back Story:  "Count up your Sins, Your Sins Have Been Counting" That is the Quote that One Ralph Knight used. It mean ' to fight back all of the sins he find in life', Ralph is one of the few duelists who does not care about winning or Losing, he always love the style of the duelests itself, As he want to make his own Style Styley Beatdown. The Style Beatdown ,is were Low and High Warriors with Swords and other cards to help it self out.

But all thing does have a Happy tone with It, Ralph's dreams is to traveling the world to learn more Dueling Styles and Helping Peoples. As Ralph To do list is to Travel & Learn dueling Styles, Help Peoples out and Become Good with Warriors Monsters.

That is his reason for him to Enter Card Hunters Academy

Theme Song For Everyday/battle:  
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Ralph Knight Jr "Count up your Sins, your Sins have been Counting"
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