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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 15: the sins of the past

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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 15: the sins of the past Empty
PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 15: the sins of the past   Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 15: the sins of the past I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2015 7:16 pm

'Oi,'' said rather tall boy with raven black hair as he bends his back forwards,''Why are you crying?'' Looking up is a small child as his face is covered with tears,''I lost it, the cards my dad left for me.'' Bending his back straight as the child rubs his head in confusion,''But if you lost them, mind explaining that card in your hand,'' asked the child as he points to the burnt looking card in the childs hand.

Holding the card closer to him as he puts his head down,''It was all I could save,'' said the child as he continues to cry. ''Know what, I will help you get new cards and rebuild your deck..hey what deck was it,'' asked the kid. ''Blackwings,'' said the child as he looks back up to stare face to face with the kid. ''My name is Noah by the way, whats yours,'' asked the kid as he puts his hand out. ''Yusuke''

Looking confused at the man before him, Keith stumbles back as his eyes grow wide. ''L-LIAR MY BROTHER DIED BEFORE I WAS BORN, MY MOTHER HAD A MISCARRIAGE YOU SICK BASTARD,'' yelled Keith in a fit of rage. ''So thats the memory they gave you guys,'' replied Zeke as he smirks,''There's no point in trying to make you remember I only came here to collect supplies.''

Just as Zeke was ready to unhook the cable, Keith tugs at it as he activates his duel disk. ''Your not going anywhere till you give me answers,'' demanded Keith as Zeke starts to laugh. ''Your still a foolish child, but fine then I ACCEPT''

''DUEL'' said both of them in unison.

''I go first,'' said Zeke,''I set two cards face down and I summon evilswarm Thunderbird.'' Soon a black ooze forms on the ground as four tenticales climb out of it revealing a infected black thunderbird,''i end my turn.''

''It's my turn, draw,'' said Keith as he looks at his hand,''Tell me what you mean by the memory they gave me.'' Zeke tilts his head back as he takes in a deep breath,''Its as I said your memories are a lie, a fabrication created by my master.''

''What do you mean fabrication,'' asked Keith as Zeke yells at him. ''Get on with your turn already.''

''I activate the spell card tuning, which allows me to add one synchron tuner to my hand,'' said Keith as he adds quickdraw synchron,''due to this effect I must send the top card of my deck to grave.'' As his deck finishes being shuffled unknown synchron is jutted out of his deck into the grave.

''Now I by discarding level eater I can special summon quickdraw from my hand,'' said Keith as robot cowboy comes onto the field shooting at the air before putting his guns back into there holster.

''Now by decreasing his level by one I can special summon level eater from grave.,'' said Keith as a small incest climbs up onto quickdraws shoulder.


''I activate no pass,'' said Zeke as Keith gets an error sign on his duel disk,''Neither can't special summon any monster this turn.''

''Damn, set one card face down and end my turn.''

''It's my turn, DRAW,'' said Zeke as he looks at his hand with confidence,''I activate the trap card infestation infection, by shuffling one lswarm monster to my deck I get to add one lswarm monster to my hand.''

Zeke looking confident as ever sends one card to his deck as he adds castor to his hand.''Now I normal summon evilswarm castor,'' said Zeke as an iron clad warrior enters the field while swinging his sword before placing it onto the ground,''Since he was normal summoned I get to summon another lswarm monster from my hand, come forth evilswarm kerykeion.''

A small mirror forms as black black ooze wraps around it before gaining it's own physical form. ''Now I overlay my level four castor with my level four kerykeion to exceed summon evilswarm ophion.''

As the two cards turn into orbs of light that mash together to form a black portal, a massive aura forms around Zeke as what looks like human souls burst out of the portal. Inside it as shape less black ooze screams as it's body becomes twisted with the millions of souls entering it's body. In a scream of anger the creature bursts out of the portal as the black ooze drips out of it's mouth.

Keith gripping his heart as he trembles onto the ground. ''This miasma your feeling is from the millions of souls we horsemen have collected over the years,'' said Zeke the black aura grows stronger around him,''This is our offering to the great overlord, my master the one who revived me after YOU LET ME DROWN TO DEATH.''

Keith's eyes grow wide as memories flood back into his mind of a kid drowning and just standing their in fear unable to save him. ''What the hell is this,'' asked Keith.

''Only three more trumpets will be blown before everything ends,'' said Zeke,''You will become a grand prize to me.''

Soon the storm become more violent as thunder starts to strike the city. Breathing softly as an unconsious Yusuke starts to emit a strong aura. Sitting down in his cell Ryu is taken back a crimson red aura starts to form around him.

Walking up to his balcony as man with snow white hair looks at the distance as a massive dark aura emits from the city. ''Will fate guide them to victory or failure.''


''Now ophion attack his quickdraw,'' said Zeke as ophion flys towards quickdraw before he devours him.

Keith: 8000->6150

''Now thunderbird destroy his level eater,'' said Zeke as the creature's tenticales forms sparks as a massive thunder beam is sent at level eater.

''Trap card open, scrap-iron scarecrow,'' said Keith as the scarecrow goes infront of level eater stopping the attack.

''I activate ophions effect, by detaching one overlay unit I get to add one Infestation spell or trap card to my hand,'' said Zeke as ophion's infected body absorbs one orb of light.

''I set one card face down and end my turn,'' said Zeke.

''It's my turn, draw,'' said Keith,'' I summon junk synchron in attack mode.''

A small robot pops out of a portal onto the field,''Next I tune junk with eater to synchro summon Underworld fighter balmung.'' said Keith as a knight in black armor comes onto the field spinning before stopping infront of ophion.

''What will he even do, YOU HAVE NO CHANCE,'' said Zeke

---------------------to be continued-------------

chapter 16: A glimmer of hope?
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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 15: the sins of the past
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