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 CHA: TAOB Fuyoun Prince of Shadows

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The Immortal Darkness

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PostSubject: CHA: TAOB Fuyoun Prince of Shadows    Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:07 pm

Name: Fuyoun [Foo-yahn] a.k.a Umbra the Prince of the Shadows

Age: 18

Gender: Male


He gives new meaning to the term, questionable gender. A handsome young man, with semi long black hair, he stands at 5'3" without heels and 5'5" with heels. He wears questionable attire at best, and has a thing for sporting various forms of nail art. He wears a uniform with a coat and a red scarf, his irises are a piercing violet red, with pale skin, and almond shaped eyes. He is often sporting a pair of heeled boots, and tends to have feminine mannerisms. He  also can be seen sometimes carrying a sword, especially when is going to duel his opponents.




Some would question the very notion that he is even male, as he acts in a very feminine fashion at times. He is often seen in thought twisting his thin, and not very long hair through his fingers. Or he often speaks in feminine undertones. However, this should not discount his gender as a male. He still identifies himself as male, and identifies as a male. He is simply a feminine male. He actually doesn't talk a lot, he's not a very chatty type of person, but will engage in social conversations from time to time. Though often can come across as dominating or being extremely demanding. He is also a fairly aggressive duelist, even to the point of maniacal behavior when teaching weaker duelist how to fear him. He is obsessed with the occult and spooktacular things, his favorite season happens to be Halloween. Besides his aggressive tendencies, short temper, and aggressive to the point of insanity dueling style. He is respectful and loyal to those who earned it. He dislikes sweets, he doesn't want to get fat. He likes black coffee with a sugar scoop. His hobbies include dueling and nail art, which he changes to fit each duel's theme.

He watched her crumble, he was always at her bedside and the only thing they had in common were the cards that she held so dear. The woman and him were never related, all though he happily, proudly called her a mother like figure. Who his real parents were, who his real mother was, was always a certain mystery. It never really was something he worried about, not completely. Not something he worried about at all. Instead he dueled for her, her spirit, always beside him. This is how he was introduce to duel monsters, but he always believed when fighting on his own, training himself, practicing, that there was more to dueling than what he already knew. Upon her death, distraught, but determined he found himself making his way to CHA. Perhaps they would have the answers he was searching for. Looking for about the heart of duel monsters. Some say he holds a very ancient, maybe more traditional value of duel monsters, but he sees that in some of the students here in CHA, perhaps they too have those values. She was dear and near to him, he takes his pain, and sorrow of her death and uses it to crush his enemies. He never knew where he came from, but he duels for his dear Raizan.

Theme Song:


Freak of darkness. This man no more a criminal than he is a king. Robber of riches, king of the poor.
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CHA: TAOB Fuyoun Prince of Shadows
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