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 CHA:TAOB character sheets

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Head of RP

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PostSubject: CHA:TAOB character sheets   Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:33 pm

Age: (be reasonable for when attending a school)
Personality: (This is a character map, personalities are not set in stone, as a person we change and evolve depending on the events we face. Take this as an opportunity to write a character blueprint.)
Apperance: (a picture or 100 words should be fine)
Backstory: (about 4-5 lines is the minimum but include why your character decided to join CHA.)
Theme song (optional)

Sign-ups end at 30th April 2015 23:59


since there is no skype contact field in the profile contact field i'll just put it in here
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CHA:TAOB character sheets
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