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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 12- The demon makes his way.

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PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 12- The demon makes his way.   Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:45 pm

Off of the horizon, were the sunshine rises and hovers above the landscape. Neo Brunswick shines bright with the ever glowing sunlight reflecting off of each glass and window in site. Across the very landscape is Koga as his helicopter makes it's way to the nearest landing pad. Getting out of his helicopter, Koga stretches as he looks over the vast and beautiful scenary of Brunswick.

''It's sure been a long time since I've last came here, and just looked at the view,'' said Koga as he makes his way onto the city streets,''Too bad I'm here for all the wrong reasons.''

''Koga, wait,'' said Elizabeth as she scrambles to catch up to him,''Do you even have an idea of were he might be.''

Koga stops dead in his tracks as he turns to face Elizabeth. Showing his sly grin as he gives off a small chuckle to only fall onto the ground banging his hand on the pavement. ''I DIDN'T THINK THAT FAR AHEAD,'' said Koga as Elizabeth kicks him square in the head.

Putting her foot down as she fixes herself up, Elizabeth walks over Koga before he gets up. ''Don't have to be a bitch about it,'' said Koga as he follows suit.

Over at a small abandoned park Yusuke and Keith appear to be having a small sparring match. ''I summon sirocco the dawn in attack mode,'' said Yusuke as sirocco appears in a black gust of wind. His powerful body standing triumphantly next to Yusuke.

''Now I activate black whirlwind,'' said Yusuke,''I add gale the whirlwind to my hand.'' Having added gale to his hand Yusuke smirks as he stares back at Keith.

''I special summon gale the whirlwind,'' said Yusuke as gale materializes on his shoulder,''Now I tune my level 3 gale the whirlwind with my level 5 sirocco.''

Gale and Sirocco turns into orbs of light that dance around each other before colliding together. The orbs start to take the shape of a red armored knight weilding two great swords. ''Come forth Crimson Blader,'' said Yusuke

''Crimson Blader attack his face down card,'' commanded Yusuke as Blader rushes at Keith's face down. Spinning around and heading in for the attack. Blader slams his swords against the card as it gets sliced into pieces by his blades.

Keith covering his face from the blast as he stumbles back a bit. Looing back at Yusuke Keith yawns before he speaks,''Thats enough for today man I think your deck is ready for the tourney.''

''Well this will be my chance to bring back Blackwings into the world stage,'' said Yusuke as he puts his cards back into his deck,''Besides what are you gonna do when you join.''

''I'm hoping to make it into the stardust speed way,'' said Keith as he hops on his d-wheel. Driving away leaving Yusuke at the park, Keith heads towards the highway driving at an insane speed.

Standing alone in the area Yusuke heads home as he has been up all night preparing. Several minutes of walking alone in the city Yusuke stops as he sees someone familiar across the street. ''No way, THATS KOGA,'' said Yusuke as he runs towards koga like a puppy wanting a treat.

''Koga,'' said Yusuke as he bumps into him on accident. Falling over on his face Koga jumps back up annoyed and angry,''THAT'S THE SECOND TIME THIS DAY I'VE FALLEN ON MY DAMN FACE.''

''I'm so sorry sir, I'm just a real big fan of yours,'' said Yusuke as he offers him a hand shake. Shocked and surprised at how easy it was to find this kid Koga accepts his hand shake,''Whats your name kid,'' asked Koga.

''Y-Yusuke,'' nervously said Yusuke as he lets go of Koga's hand,''It's an honor to meet you face to face.'' Looking down at this kid, Koga sighs as he knows he will regret what he is about to do.

''Well it's a pleasure to meet a non crazy fan,'' said Koga as he pats Yusuke on the back. ''What brings you to Neo Brunswick?'' asked Yusuke with an almost child like glee to his voice.

''Funny thing is, I'm here looking for you,'' replied Koga. Being taken back a bit at Koga's response, Yusuke looks at him puzzled. ''Why me, I'm not a pro,'' said Yusuke as he brings his guard up.

''You defeated my brother, so I thought you must be of interest,'' said Koga,''so why not meet me tonight at the heli pad, I will give you directions.''

''Alright I guess,'' said Yusuke

------------------------to be continued----------------

next chapter: The burning envoker
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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 12- The demon makes his way.
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