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 Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 14: The next step into evolution?

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PostSubject: Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 14: The next step into evolution?   Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:14 pm

'AHHHHHHHHHHH'' yelled Yusuke as a pillar of fire consumes him. His screaming gets louder as Koga and elizabeth both cover their ears. Kneeling done as Koga looks up to see the flames surrounding Yusuke. ''What the hell is going on,'' asked Koga,''Liz the holograms are off right!''

Liz looks up to see that the duel disk system is off. ''T-They are,'' said Liz as the flames disappear revealing a slighlty burned Yusuke. Walking up inorder to pick up Yusuke, Koga looks at him with fear. ''Dammit, I came here to prevent this, but he activated it,'' said Koga as he places Yusuke inside his helicopter,''Liz please take him to the hospital, I will bring his deck and stuff there.''

Liz following suit enters the chopper as they fly off. Koga picking up Yusukes fallen cards, can't help but be shocked by the words written on armor master. Looking at them closely as he drops it onto the ground the ground trembling in horror. ''That boy,i-is the son of Sora Kitsuragi,'' said Koga.


As the rain gets stronger with violent winds passing through the entire city, Keith riding on his d-wheel almost crashes into another d-wheel on the street. Sliding on the ground as he tries to get a better grips on his ride. Looking ahead of him to see the other person vanish,''Who was that,'' said Keith as he notices tire marks on the ground that appear to go towards the under ground dueling ring.

Riding towards the ring Keith is shocked to see the entire place destroyed. Everything in ruin with only peoples clothing and decks on the ground. ''W-what happened here?'' asked Keith as he notices a dark figure run past him. ''Hey gets back here,'' said Keith as he chases after this person. Turning to different corners and sections as Keith leaps towards this person causing them both to fall on the ground.

This unknown figure locks a chain onto Keiths duel disk as he gets off from him. Looking at his arm as they both seem to be locked together. ''Whats the big idea for this,'' said Keith as the figure before him laughs.

''That crazy bastard was right,'' laughed the figure as he removes his hood revealing a black haired boy ith hair that goes up to his shoulders,''So then your memories are altered,'' said the boy.

''What are you talking about,'' said Keith as he is starting to get pissed.

''Well I knew you Keith,'' said the boy as Keith's eyes grow large in shock. ''How do you know my name,'' asked Keith.

''Well I could never forget my little brother,'' said the boy as Keith starts to tremble while gripping his head,''my name is Zeke and I was dead when you were just seven years old''

------------------to be continued--------

chapter 15: the sins of the past
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Yu-gi-oh! Duelist Soul: chapter 14: The next step into evolution?
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