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Like a seedling just planted, we seek duelist who grow
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 Seirei Hayashida

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PostSubject: Seirei Hayashida   Thu Apr 30, 2015 5:02 pm

Name: Seirei Hayashida

Age: 17

Personality: Blunt, and a little overzealous. She has room to grow as a duelist but thinks she's the hottest duelist around. She loves nothing more than busting people's chops for a good laugh, which sometimes comes off a little annoying or arrogant.

Appearance: Seirei has long black hair, with even bangs in the front covering her forehead. Her eyes are a very light and clear green almost like Gem stones, she's about 5'4" in height making her a smaller girl with a massive ego. She wears a black uniform with silver trims the uniform consists of a pleated mini skirt, a black Tank-Top and a black trench coat with a higher collar, and black low top boots. Her skin is fair, with a scar on her left outer thigh from a fox bite.

Back Story: Seirei grew up in a fairly privileged area never really needing anything, this however was boring to her so she developed a sense of adventure and decided to sneak out of her house all the time to go explore nature, once while on a secret adventure she ran into a fox, when she tried to get close and pet it the fox bit her thigh leaving a scar on her. To most people this would discourage them from adventuring, but not Seirei, this only sparked her desire to see the world for herself even more, She took on the Card Hunter's Academy entrance exam for the sole purpose of being able to see the world when she graduates and becomes a top duelist.
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Seirei Hayashida
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