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 The Projects

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PostSubject: The Projects   Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:19 pm

The neighborhood was a rather shady place, there was talk of druggies and homeless people. And most of this was very true. As the two woman sat in the car, one drove while the other sat in the passenger seat they made sure to keep their doors locked and keep their identities concealed in darkness. Anyone could hijack their car if they wanted to. If they kept their class and their appearance secret. The two girls were beautiful, with long dark hair. They appeared to be middle class and probably shouldn't have been out here. As her sister drove into the parking lot of a place next to a laundryomat. She stared at her.

"Are you crazy?!" she hissed, "The store is on the other side."

"We can walk from here," her sister replied.

"What if we got in trouble?" she replied.

"Yeah, we hear about a lot of muggings, but this parking lot is much much darker, want to get a car the car stolen. One or the other?" her sister said.


Both girls walked out of the car, their outfits under played. Safe, a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a thick jacket with a scarf. True the nights were chilly here, however, not all the time did the woman enjoy dressing so closed down. As they were about to get on the sidewalk they noticed a cop car in the same parking lot. A homeless man and his cart, and the working 24 hr laundryomat with no lights. Her sister stopped.

"Cops," she said.

They began to quickly usher back to their car, and the heard the doors of the cops begin to open. Her sister opened the door, but let outa gasp and a scream. There in the drivers seat sat one of the police men, he was an official copper, there was nothing fake about it. But he was lean and muscular. His face was sharp and he was also quite handsome with dark folds of black hair falling into his gray eyes. Her sister was shoved in the backseat, the door closed on her and the police guarded the door. And she was shoved into the passenger seat. That door as well blocked by the police.

"Where are you going ladies?" asked the man sitting in the driver seats his voice was calm, but also eerie with the way he played the tones of each syllabil and word.

"To the thrift store," her sister replied.

"I'm not replying!" she belted out.

She knew these kinds of cops, Shakers they were called. People who force people into crimes they haven't committed and sometimes they were simply there to harass people. The man with dark hair tsk and clucked his tongue together. He didn't appreciate being responded to in such a disrespectful manner. He pointed to the badge pinned to his shirt. Raimund, it read. Must have been a last name of some sort.

"You can't come in here, this is harassment!" she said again.

"I can though," he said, "And I did."

"This is harassment! Get out!" she screamed at him.

"Want to talk about your harassment charge," he asked.

"Get out!" she said again.

He quickly moved towards her like a wolf on the prowl and grabbed her arms. She spat at him and all he did was mock her by give a few feeble "ptt" "ptt" to his right side, but not on her and he didn't even produce any spit. He smelt nice, of rich cologne, but not to strong. It filled her in every way.

"Wnat to talk about your harassment charge," he asked this time his words were more sinister.

"Get out! I won't talk!" she said.

"That's to bad," he said.

The police guarding her sisters door and broke the window and shot her sister. She began to scream, and call for help. Tears were streaming down her face. She tried to kick Raimund off of her. She kicked with all her might, but he wore a rather sinister grin. He was enjoying this. He bent in on her, his hands were still wrapped around hers. Their lips locked and she began to cry even further, her body wriggled under his control. As he lay himself on her. She could only cry, and screaming was of no use to her.

As her body gave up fighting, he stopped. Her clothes were not removed, but he simply stared at her with a firm look of his grays. A bullet was heard and she was shot in the head. Dead. He let go of her hands and he walked out the car.

"Make it look like she shot her sister and then herself," he said.

"Of course," the men whom allied him said.


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The Projects
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