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 KMtz. (From FireBreath)

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PostSubject: KMtz. (From FireBreath)   Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:08 pm

i started this a while ago and i just finished this, please guys tell me what you think...  ALSO JUST LIKE FUSHI, I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT TOOK ME A WHOLE WHILE O3O

Talented yet dim-witted Miwa Katsuki, already knows what she wants to be, a Japanese pop-idol like her idol Namiko Hana. By day failing school, by night, a waitress. With the help of her crazy parents, caring twin brother, and interesting friends she's bound to succeed. That is if she doesn't bomb it! Romance later on, and many other characters.

Chapter 0: The Spectacle Miwa Katsuki (Prologue)

"Miwa, Miwa, Miwa!" A crowd of restless and devoted fans cheered, waiting impatiently for their idol to appear.

It was an outdoor concert that was taking place outside a local mall in Tokyo. The loud sounds of the bass, appearance of the strict security guards, and the awaiting appearance of the mysterious pop-star made the fans get even more rowdy. Adults and teenagers trying to get a closer look, shoving each other out of the way, if only to move a few inches closer to the stage. Their eyes filled with excitement and their yells were getting progressively louder and more frantic.

Suddenly, a man came running from the backstage to the mic that was set at the front of the stage. He was fairly short, chubby cheeked, and had messy black hair. He had black shades on, an all-black suit, and white leather shoes on.

"Heelllooooo, Tokyo!" The hefty man screamed into the microphone. The fans started cheering louder, their anticipation reaching dangerous levels.

"Are you ready to meet the mind blowing, Pop and Superstar sensation, taking over and dominating the nation? The one and only, MIWA KATSUKI!" The suit-clad man passionately yelled out to the crowd.

The instrumental started and background dancers started coming on to the stage one by one. They were all dressed in stylish white and black street-clothes. Meanwhile, smoke started to cover the whole stage, which gave it a mysterious vibe. The roar of the crowd was insane and some fans even passed out due to the excessive amounts of anticipation. The guards chuckled at the crowds behavior and sighed when they noticed patrons started collapsing.

Everything was silent when suddenly, a figure appeared. The very idol that was responsible for the crowd's ravenous behavior.

She placed a hand on her hip, while her foot started to tap to the beat of the song. She swiftly turned around to face her fans, and all hell broke loose.

Large and charasmatic dark brown eyes shined, almost seeming to smile at the audience. Confidence radiated from a pleased smirk that was poised on glossed pink lips. A never ending avalanche of dark brown hair was held in a beautifully woven braid, which flowed over her right shoulder. Her fair skin shined under the lights and appeared absolutely flawless.

It was quite astounding really, that all this excitement was over someone who stood at only five foot four.

She was wearing a black tube top with a white leather jacket over it, followed by white skinny jeans and shiny black stilettos. She slowly walked to the front of the stage and swiped the mic off the stand.

All she did was smile into the electronic device and the fans started squealing and cheering again.


"Katsuki-chan! We love you!"

"Your amazing!"

'I can't believe I'm actually here! They all love me! This is amazing!' Katsuki gave a shimmering smile and started singing her latest hit, cueing the background dancers to move in ellaborate patterns around the stage. She resonated with the song, her dancer like body moving with grace while still keeping a teasing edge to her moves.

''I love you Miwa-sama!'', one obsessed fan screamed.

''I love you more, obviously!'' The Superstar gave a wink and blew a loving kiss to her fans.

''Katuski, get dressed!" A fan suddenly bellowed angrily.

''I love you t-! Wait, what?" The comment sent Katsuki's mind realing, confusing her deeply. Just when Katsuki was getting her thoughts back together, she was hit in the back of the head with a pillow.

''What the hell?'' She mumbled as she rubbed the back of her head. She slowly turned around with a puzzled look on her face, only to be hit hard by another pillow, this time right in the face.

''Ahh-mph!'' Her suprised yelp was muffled by the always loving hardwood floor. She groaned and tried opening her eyes, only to realize she had slept walk again and her mother was the one who had decided to wake her up oh-so nicely.

Oh look, said mother was now standing over her with a very angry crease in her brow. She was pissed.

When she saw the look upon her mother's face she chuckled nervously. Katsuki displayed a crooked, and what she hoped to be, an apoligetic looking smile.

''Oohh, Hey, uhh-Mom! So how are you this fine morni-" Before she could finish trying and failing to change the subject, her mother grabbed her by her white tank top and had her two feet off the ground. Katsuki could feel the hot and seething rage coming from her mom, it made her body tremble.

From another stand point, this whole scene looked quite comical. It was like seeing a baby kitten held by the scruff of it's neck and trying its hardest to wiggle free from it's mom's grasp.

"Katsuki-chan?" Her mother said calmly while lowering her head.

''Y-y-yes?'' Katsuki swore her voice just cracked. Her mother smiled gently and affectionately at her daughter for a brief second before speaking.

''If you keep staying up past two in the morning," Katsuki's mother's face suddenly did a complete one-eightey. "Your ass won't get to school on time!'' Her face was filled with popping veins and she threw Katsuki into her room like she was a dart, and she was aiming for the 100 point center.

"Aaaahh-mph!" Luckily, Katsuki's face landed right on her heart shaped pillow that sat on her plush red bed. Katsuki wanted to cry for joy and hug her saviour for being the only one that cared for her safety.

''Your ass better be in the kitchen in six minutes!" Her mother screamed as she slammed Katsuki's door shut. The slam made one of Katsuki's idol posters hang slightly askew off the back of the door.

"Uuugghh," Katsuki moaned. "Well, at least she seemed in a good mood this morning." She spoke thoughtfully, shrugging her shoulders and huffing some of her hair out of her face.

Katsuki sighed, turning to the left to stare idley at her laptop, displaying a concert happening live. She just then realized she had had another dream of her being a famous pop-singer. More than likely this was due to Katsuki staying up til' four o'clock in the morning listening to her favorite singer, Namiko Hana.

She slowly shifted to the right, looking at her alarm clock and saw that it read, '7:51 A.M'.

She closed her eyes and fell back onto her bed. Her eyes suddenly snapped open and she crawled over and held her alarm clock in her shaking hands.

"Aaahhh, Shit!" Katsuki had to be at school by 8:20! and she lived about 15 minutes away from the school! Maybe, she could make it! She took off her small tank top and threw it on the floor, then changed her under garments. She then swiped her neatly pressed school uniform, curtesy of mom, from the door.

She hopped around trying to slip on her black kneehigh's. After falling over once and stubbing her toe against her bed post, she succeeded on getting them on. She quickly wiggled into her matching pleated mini skirt. Katsuki quickly smoothed out any wrinkles in the black and white plaid design and started on buttoning up her white blouse.

''Man...'', She sighed out when she looked down at her small B-sized bust and sulked for a few seconds. She tucked her blouse into her mini skirt and then buttoned up her black blazer at lightning speed. Only realizing that all the buttons were in the wrong holes, now making the blazer look lopsided.

'Ohmygodwhatthehellstupideffin'?' Katsuki narrowed her mahogany colored eyes at the blazer, pratically begging it to act up again so she could burn it.

After giving a one over to see that all her bright yellow buttons were in there correct spots, as well as straightening her yellow bow on her white blouse, she gave a exhausted smile. Last but not least, she slipped on her shiny brown penny loafers and grabbed her black briefcase she had set on her bed.

She started running toward her door until she passed a mirror. She backed up and looked blankly at it and dropped her head when she realized she forgot to style her hair. She turned to the right and squinted her eyes at the clock and saw that it was 7:59 A.M. She turned around and wanted to cry, there was no way she was gonna make it at this rate!

"Katsukkii!" Said girl jumped as her mother's loud voice rang through the house. The now frightened teen quickly ran to the bathroom she had in her room and grabbed her comb and brush.

"Almost done!" She yelled back at her mother.

She started to brush her long chocolate colored hair to her right side and started to braid it. She combed out her shorter bangs, so they sat on the left side of her face. She then combed the two longer strands of her hair to her right. Katsuki applied peach colored lip gloss to her lips and flashed a pleased smile at the mirror.

''Another day, with another way to be discovered.'' Was all she said before running outside her house and slamming the door. The laptop in her room was still on and her favorite idol, Namiko Hana, was singing live on it. Namiko was also the face that belonged to the now crooked hanging poster, it was of her giving a peace sign. At the bottom of the poster was something written in red.

If you believe, you will achieve! Keep it up, Katsuki!

It was obvious what Katsuki Miwa's aspiration was, but the question was how far was she willing to go to achieve it?


Chapter 1: The Wannabe from Kuroba High!

It the middle of May, more than a month after the school semester began . The weather was slightly windy, but the sun was still very bright, and the sky was a vibrant shade of blue. Thousands of teenagers found roaming around Kuroba High School. They were either entering quickly threw the doors of the school, or talking outside to their fellow classmates. Most had on small jackets on because of the cool air, while the others decided to ditch the jackets because they didn't mind the chilly weather . The bright yellow, flower petals were blowing gently in the the air. The yellow flowers matched the girl's black and yellow uniforms and went well with the boy's black Gakurans .

The time was now now 8:15, five minutes till class started. The bright atmosphere and the smiles of smile of Kuroba High abruptly was interrupted by the sight of a speeding red Toyota that was clearly heading towards the school. Two girls were standing and talking near the school completely unaware of the Toyota heading their way. ''Bbbeepp! '', the mysterious, maniac driver honked. ''Move the hell out the way!'', the mysterious driver yelled out the window. The mysterious driver was Katsuki's mother and Katsuki sat in the passenger's seat. Katsuki face was slightly purple, her eyes were shut tightly, while her mouth was completely opened. Katsuki's mother short shaggy, dark blonde hair blew gently in the wind, while her face expression looked like an angry dog's. The two clueless girls finally stop talking, turned around and saw the car heading for them. The girls screamed and tried to run the opposite way. Sadly, the girls ran into each other making the other fall over the other. Katsuki's mother's car now 15 feet away from the poor Kuroba girls stepped on her her emergency break. Finally, the car stopped just in time. The two young girls, still shocked, cried softly and crawled slowly away.

Katsuki's Mother: Success! A 15 minute drive in 4 minute isn't that bad is it huh, Katsuki.

She smiled and turned to her daughter. Her mother's sweat dropped when she saw the passenger seat's door open and Katsuki lying down half way out head first. It was obvious she got car sick and attempted to run away from her. Her mother turned left and right to see if there where any more people standing by. She reached over and slowly threw Katsuki legs out of the door way, and shut the door closed. Her mother started to move the car out of the direction of Katsuki's school.

Katsuki's Mother: Make good choices! Also,...Don't be late for work again!

Her mother then winked one eye, blew a kiss, and quickly drove off. Katsuki, still lying on the ground looked at her watch on her waist. It read, 8: 18. Her mouth completely dropped and quickly got up and started running inside the building. In the building she made a quick left turn to take the stair-case. She went up two flights of stirs arriving on the 3rd floor. The sight of Class 1-E made Katsuki let out tear streams of joy and let out a gentle laugh. She ran down the hall towards Class 1-E with her arms extended wide open like she was running to hug someone.

Katsuki: ( Ha! Ha!I'm almost there), she thought as her mouth started to form a devilish smile.

Class 1-E was was of the many first-year classrooms in Kuroba High. Class 1-E contained 31 students, but 32 seats. Thirty of the Class 1-E students were already in their own individual seats, waiting for their Sensei to start the attendance. Satake Sensei, Class 1-E's homeroom teacher, simply was sitting on top of his desk reading a pin-up magazine under a dictionary. Some students were confused of why Satake Sensei, always had should much glee from reading his dictionary ( who really in-facts secretly reads porn magazines in class). He had short spiky, devil red-colored hair, and wears glasses over his deep purple eyes. He was very tall, standing at 6ft. And 4 inches . He was wearing a long-sleeved purple and white striped shirt, black pants, and black leather shoes.

He looked down at the purple watch he was wearing on his waist and saw it was 8:19, in least then a minute class was about to begin. He looked slight depressed when he was forced to close his book and begin his lessons for today. He grabbed a pen, his attendance book, and stood at the center of the front-board to begin call out his students' names to check if they were all here.

Satake Sensei: Let's begin. Aida Fujie


Satake Sensei: Akimoto Arata


Satake Sensei stopped taking the attendance and looked to the right-side of the classroom and realized he forgot to slide the door close. He took three side-steps to the right and slid the door to close.

Katsuki: Nnnoo!Wait, I'm not late!

The students looked up at when Katsuki yelled, while the door was closing. Sadly, her long side-braid got caught in the door causing Katsuki to fall on her head. Her suit-case fell opening causing all her papers to fall out. Her eyes showed that she was dizzy as she was wobbling her head back and forth. After that the bell finally began to ring, and it was finally 8:20. Sensei's and the students' sweat dropped. Satake Sensei's vein popped on his forehead and tried to rub his head to calm down.

Satake Sensei: Katsuhiko, take your sister to the nurse for god-sake .

A handsome, tall, young man stud up and walked up to the front of the classroom. Some girls started to squeal as he walked passed their rows. He had fair-skin, dark brown eyes, and short dark brown, spiky hair. He picked up his sister's papers, put them in her suit-case, and hand it to his teacher. He then proceeded to open the door to let his twin sister's hair lose and care his sister on his back to carry her to the nurse.

One girl whispered to two girls in front her how envious they were of Katsuki and giggled. Satake Sensei slid the door behind them, and faced back to his class unimpressed.

Satake Sensei: Well...wasn't that something. ( He rolled his eyes). Ok! Let's continue, shall we?

He let out a smile and proceeded to continued to finish the class's attendance. Students followed by students kept replying ''Here'' or ''Present''.

Satake Sensei: Tamaki Kitagawa. ( Sensei smiled when he said this name).

Tamaki: Present! ( The perky girl looked up and happily replied).

The girl had fair-skin, shoulder-length golden-blonde hair , a black and white hair clip on her bangs, a beauty mark on the right side of her lips and large baby blue eyes that seemed to sparkle every time she looked up. The smiley girl had well- endowed body so she only wore the white long sleeved-shirt, the bright yellow bow, the mini black plaid, pleaded-skirt, and yellow over the knee socks. Many guys in the class and around the school considered her one prettiest girls at Kuroba High.

Satake Sensei: Seiji Kitagawa. ( Sensei's smile faded when he said the boy's name).

The boy simply raised his hand to show he was present, which made Satake Sensei's vein pop-up behind his head. He in the last row near the window, in the fourth seat. Seiji was Tamaki's twin brother, though the two only shared few trait of each other, looks and personality wise. Like Tamaki, he was very attractive. Almost every girl in school fantasizes about him. He had fair-skin like Tamaki, he had short, dark blonde hair with black streaks and a beauty mark on the left side of his lips. His eyes were a shade of ocean blue, and he was tall; standing at 6ft and 2 inches. He was known simply as ''The Prince of Kuroba High'' he had a different girl everyday of other day of the week and often got love letters and food from love-sick girls.

Satake Sensei: Oh my, will if it's not Sakuragi Miya. ( He smiled and blushed).

The young girl he called was no other than Sakuragi Miya. She sat in the in the six row, second seat. She appeared as an angelic, small girl, who had the look of someone who'd wish not to be bothered. She had long brown hair she wore in two ponytails that stopped at her shoulders. Her bangs could remind someone of bird claws. Her skin was white like a pearl, dark pink lips that were small, but full, long eyelashes, and Cerise pink eyes. She was only 5ft and had a pear-shaped body.

Her intense yet beautiful pink eyes glared at Satake Sensei which made his sweat drop and proceeded to lower them back down to a book she was reading even before class started. '' So cruel'', he thought. Sensei finished checking all the students attendance, except for one.

Satake Sensei: Last but not lease,Yamana Hama. ( He looked around the classroom waiting for a response, or a lease a hand to rise up). Yamana? ( His sweat dropped when he still didn't get an answer).

You would probably think Hama was a girl, or at least a preppy boy. Hama sat in seventh row, third seat in front of Seiji. His hands were both folded on his desk, he sank his chin into his arms, and stirred out-side the window with an melancholy expression. He totally ignored his annoying teacher. Hama had long sea-green hair he kept in a low side-ponytail. His bangs were different lengths looked sharp like paper. He had golden eyes and was covered in piercings. He wore a small black nose ring on left nose, he had one just below his right eyebrow, four on his right ear, and two on his left ear. He barely got in trouble for his piercings, as they never really noticed him because he mostly kept to himself, or he was just lower his head so his hair would block their view of face. His black-polished nails were tapping a tune of one of his favorite song.

Satake Sensei went straight for the chalk-board and starting writing the assignment for math.

Hama raised his head becoming slightly more interested in Today's first lesson that was being taught. He smirked and laughed quietly to himself. He whisper ''Math first, huh, Katsu's favorite subject''. He looked around and saw that his classmates were starting to right the problem that Satake Sensei put on the board. He took out his pen and start to do the same still quietly laughing to himself.


Chapter 2:The Girls who Charmed Aliens!

The Afternoon came by quickly, and school was about to be over very soon. Class 1-E was being very obnoxious, towards the other busy classrooms. The kids were very talkative, loud, messy, and multiple kids were standing around the room throwing paper balls at each other. Their teacher Satake Sensei wasn't acting anymore professional. His head was down, eyes shut, using his arms to block the annoying voices of his students. From the look of his goofy smile he was quite happy, but still he is most likely dreaming of something inappropriate. All he needed was a large billboard pointing towards him that would read"Unprofessional Joke".

"Ring!" "Ring!"The bell alarm finally went off, and it was finally time for Class 1-E to get. Satake Sensei quickly opened his eyes, and got out his chair. His shirt was now wrinkled, red hair out of place, and had tired.

Satake Sensei: Oh, no the bell went off, don't go. (He said sarcastically).

His class was use to his rude and sarcastic attitude. Although they were quite surprised that their Sensei didn't react badly to the messy classroom they created.

Satake Sensei: Now get the hell out. (He quickly pointed to the door). Except you Seiji, you clean.

Seiji faced dropped when he told him to clean, it could be because it was Katsuki's turn to clean, or because he felt like Sensei was making him stay out of his hatred for the boy.

Seiji: What the hell?! It not my turn! Wasn't it supposed Katsuki's turn this week?

Most of the students quickly left when Seiji was going on his rant; he was probably getting madder because girls were laughing at him being bossed around.

Satake Sensei: Obviously braid-girl isn't here, so you have to fill in for her. Now get to work slave. (He gleefully pointed to a broom and dustpan that was in the front corner of the room).

Seiji's sweat dropped when he started to fell a devilish aura come off of Sensei."So this is why his hair is red", he thought quietly to himself.

In the back of the classroom were two girls who didn't leave yet, it was Miya, and Tamaki. Miya, being serious as she is, was writing what assignments on the boards were due the next day. Her tall, cheery friend Tamaki, skipped towards her desk, and plopped down on her knees. Her large Baby blue eyes faced directly into Miya's Cerise pink eyes."Why is she close?"Miya thought in her head while scowling.

Tamaki: Hey girlie! (She tried to give off the warmest smile she could to make Miya comfortable).

Miya: Please don't ever call me that. (She started to get more uncomfortable).

Tamaki: Oh, sorry. Well are we going to Katsuki's? She hasn't come back all day, maybe she got like, abducted or something? Because I know if Aliens ever came to visit our Earth they would just like Katsuki's interesting personality so much they might just take her back to their home planet!

Miya face went blank, and her mouth dropped at Tamaki weird comment. Tamaki was naïve, and could say simple or ludicrous stuff at time, but Miya couldn't even respond to… that. She quickly gathered her books and rose to her feet, and started heading for the door.

Miya: Come on, let go find her.

Tamaki happily followed behind serious friend, out the classroom. Satake Sensei watched his two favorite students walk out his classroom almost looking disappointed they were leaving. He quickly poked his head out his classroom.

Satake Sensei: Bye my Sweet Tamaki! Bye my Angel Miya! (He waved rapidly following their leaving).

Tamaki and Miya stopped for a moment in the hall and look back at their questionable teacher. Scowling Miya stuck up her left middle finger at her Sensei, and Tamaki and Miya continued to walk towards the Nurse's room. Satake Sensei stuck his head back into his class and sighed depressingly to himself."Why so cold Miya", he whispered quietly. Seiji, still pissed off about cleaning the class snickered quietly behind Sensei's back. It seems like Sensei's devilish aura passed off to Seiji.

Back in the hallway, Miya and Tamaki walked up a staircase to get to the Nurse's room.

Nurse's Room

Katsuki, who didn't leave all day, was just laying on one of the bed cot in the Nurse's room. She was watching the ceiling fan rotate over, and over again. Her eyes were slightly red from crying for a long time. Sure, she wanted to be remembered for something, but fainting in class was surely not one of those things. She just hated to be made of fool out of, even if she the one making herself seem like one. Her hands were crossed together as if she was about to be buried, hair bangs were rotating around like the fan, and hummed a tune to cheer herself up. Although all this doing nothing wasn't Katsuki's style and she was starting to get even more irritated and started yanking her side-braid.

Katsuki: What the hell's wrong with my life? Why does this stuff always happen to me?! (She buried her face in her hands).

Katsuki quickly put her head down, and got off the bed cot. She had balled up her fist, gave a smirk, and fierce eyes to compliment her now fiery attitude.

Katsuki: Wait a minute a second! I'm Miwa Katsuki, fiery, competitive, fudging awesome. (She may have taken that last part a bit too far).

Katsuki: I need to cheer the freak up, and show that fucking door I'm not a loser. (Her vein popped when she pictured the classroom door hysterically laughing at her, but smirked when she imagined she poured gasoline and set fire to that bastard door).

Miya and Tamaki finally were a couple of steps from walking in the Nurse's classroom. Katsuki, who had good hearing recognized their familiar walking styles, froze in the middle of her "awesome speech". "For the last time Tamaki, it's highly unlikely Katsuki got up ducted by aliens", Miya and Tamaki were having a slight argument in the hall."I'm just saying aliens are way smarter than us, who knows what they would've done by now." Tamaki smiled as though she won the argument."Stop, just… stop."Miya was visibly exhausted just by Tamaki's presence.

Katsuki: Shit! (Katsuki panicked and proceeded to quickly jump back into her bed cot).

Miya slid the door open and both of the girls walked in. Katsuki shutting her eyes as tight as possible was determined not to leave with them. She knew what they were up too, she knew them to well. Miya and Tamaki walked up to Katsuki's colt staring at her back, and still body.

Tamaki: It looks like she's asleep. (Tamaki said as she turned to Miya with a smile). Although, I'm said I was wrong about her being abducted by Aliens. That would've so cool! (She said slightly disappointed.

Miya sweat dropped, while Katsuki opened her eyes a bit in confusion thinking, "What?!"

Miya: I guess your right Tamaki; we can't surely take her with us to work. Her mom will be really pissed! (Miya said leaning towards Katsuki's ears). But it seems we can't, Tamaki let's go.

Tamaki: Okie dokie! (Tamaki smiled and followed Miya out of the Nurse's room).

Miya: We tried. (She put on and fake smile and pulled out a couple of chocolate coins she hid in her bra and placed them on the ground before leaving).

Miya closed the door and they both started walking back downstairs. Katsuki, who thought it was a good idea to continue her fake slumber for a couple more minute, smelled a scent she knew too well. Taking rapid inhales to figure out that alluring smell finally knew what it was. She left her head up and that's when she saw it, the chocolate coins Miya must have left behind. She found it odd, because Miya wasn't big on sweets to begin it, but Katsuki simply found the situation as "awesome luck". She hadn't eaten all day, because playing victim kept her very busy. She quickly rose up and dashed for the chocolate on the floor, that's when the door reopened. Katsuki, who didn't notice threw all of the coins in her mouth without even bothering to open the foil stopped when she saw a pair of tiny black shoes facing her. She slowly raised her head and Miya was staring at her scowling her face with visible veins popping.

Katsuki: Oh look, this can..candy healed me. I'm healed now! Yeahhh! Yeah… (Katsuki wasn't making the situation any better).

Miya: Dumb ass! (The one word that made Katsuki feel bad for trying to avoid work).

Tamaki walked back into the Nurse's room looking surprised Miya's plan worked.

Tamaki: Congrats Miya your plan worked. (She's just like a child that gets impressed easily).

Miya: What do you have to say for yourself? You made us worry sick about you all day.

Katsuki: Well, first next time can you buy milk chocolate instead of dark, and second, for info Ms. Grumpy Pants, I did faint. I just too embarrassed to leave. (She said while burring her head into her hands).

Miya: Well, since you're sleepy all the time, Tamaki! (She pointed at Tamaki to grab a hold onto Katsuki's arm).

Katsuki: What the hell?! Get off of me Tamaki! (Katsuki's to break free of Tamaki's hold by trying to press up her feet, but thanks to Tamaki's un-natural strength it was useless). Why? (Katsuki gave up and started sulking while Tamaki had her usually happy face. Miya made Tamaki feel happy so of course she was happy to help).

Miya: Now that were done with all this stupid mess, we can leave. Let's go Tamaki. (Miya actual gave a small smile, and even though it was for a second before she turned away it distracted Katsuki, who rarely even sees her look satisfied).

Tamaki: Ok! Let's go Katsuki. (She threw Katsuki on her back and they proceeded out the room and downstairs).

Katsuki: Hey! Put me down now! This is embarrassing! Please, stop people are watching, and I have a skirt dammit! (Katsuki's eventually gave up and just stayed quiet and watched her long side-braid sweep across the floor).

"My underwear isn't even cute", Katsuki thought as she sulked.


Chapter 03: Golden Opportunities!

After Katsuki's mini tantrum the girls walked together to their part-time job they all worked at together. Golden Boys was the restaurant Katsuki's and Tamaki's fathers owned together that the girls all work at after school. Nobu, Tamaki's dad was the head chef, and Katsuki's dad Shou served as the restaurant's host. The restaurant itself was massive; it had three floors, each was more established than the other. Golden Boys is currently one of the most popular and busiest restaurants in Yokohama; mostly because of its attractive waiters, Karaoke Wednesdays and fine dining. Working was one of Katsuki's odd joys. She enjoyed making people around her feel as happy as she felt, and was good at doing so.

When the girls finally arrived at Golden Boys, Tamaki placed Katsuki off her shoulder slowly allowing her to grow some of dignity back. Katsuki smiled and stretched her arms happily. Miya opened the door for the girls and were greeted with the faces of many customers scattered around various tables in the restaurant. The waiters and waitresses were busy serving the hungry customers while trying to look as stylish as they could in their button down white shirts, gold aprons, and gold visor hats. The first floor was the most family oriented and often the most crowded floor. It mostly served as a place to take your family for sweet treats such as cakes, ice cream, pie, and tea.

Miya and Tamaki proceeded to take the stairs to the second floor where they did their jobs at. Katsuki didn't follow them, because she preferred to work on the first floor. She often claims she does it for the kids, but people who truly know Katsuki knew she only worked on the first flow to stay closer to the deserts in the bakery. Katsuki walked into the girl's locker room on the first floor near the girl's bathroom. There she switches from her school clothes to her waitress attire, which consisted of a button-down white shirt, a gold mini skirt, and a gold visor hat. Walking over to the nearest mirror she smiled as she re-tied her braid to make sure it stayed neat.

Katsuki: Best Waitress for the second month in a row here I come! (Her confidence started to gleam back again.)

Just when Katsuki's confidence was coming back her eyes saw a figure of girl that she didn't really care much for in the mirror. She grinned her teeth long enough for the girl in the background to notice which mad the girl giggle with glee. It was Katsuki's longtime rival Chie, a pretty, yet rebellious, and promiscuous girl who often got into a lot of trouble at their school. Chie turned her attention to another mirror that was in the opposite direction of the mirror Katsuki was using. She was mesmerized with her own appearance and starting fluffing her short, curly blond hair, and applying more eyeliner to her hazel eyes. Katsuki, who got bored with staring down Chie started walking aggressively towards the door to avoid being in the same room with her.

Chie: I heard you fainted today, how awful. (Her snarky comments made Katsuki stop her steps).

Katsuki knew Chie wasn't sincerely concerned about her well-being, and was only doing this in a way to taught her.

Katsuki: Listen up whore! I not in the mood to deal with your bullshit today so bug off! (Katsuki said while pointing at Chie fiercely.

Chie, not in the slightest affect by Katsuki's harsh comment started giggled in her face. This was only making Katsuki more pissed than before. Katsuki decided to save her anger for later and proceeded leaving the girl's locker room.

When Katsuki walked out the girl's locker room she decided to live her anger there too, and present the cheery waitress everyone loved at the restaurant. She skipped around and observed her surroundings; the face of satisfied customers, and the familiar waiters and waitresses she knew. She even saw her twin brother Katsuhiko, who appeared as though he was trying to under a table to avoid a table full of perverted older women. Katsuki giggled a little she didn't know whether to let him suffer, or to intervene. Then she remembered how he went out his way to carry her to the nurse when she fainted earlier; she knew she needed to return the favor back to him. Katsuki slowly walked towards her brothers trying to not startle him, or blow his cover. Katsuhiko, who was still hiding under the table, was looking out for female customers. He was unaware Katsuki was sitting right by him under the table.

Katsuki: Are we playing the spying game now? (Katsuki said calmly looking at her brother).

Katsuhiko ended up being startled anyway by his sister's sudden voice and hit his head on the table.

Katsuhiko: Ouch! This is not a game Katsuki; it's more like survival of the teenage male vs. the group of horny bridesmaids.

Katsuki was unamused by his dilemma; she believed her brother was just being over dramatic.

Katsuki: Wahh! Wah! Poor me, I'm too much of a pretty boy to deal this. My life is so, so hard. (Katsuki laughed as she started mocking her brother).

Katsuhiko: I can't go back over there, I just can't. One of those ladies grabbed my butt.

Katsuhiko wasn't the type of guy that was rude, or aggressive. Even with Katsuki in his life he mostly knew how to keep calm majority of the times. He has a hard time speaking up what on his mind, and most of the time just settled. In general his was a nice guy, with all the good and negative traits that backfired being so nice.

Katsuki was trying her best not to burst out laughing, but was failing miserably. The second time she cried today was tears of laughter and not from embarrassment, or anger. She needn't it, and Katsuki needed to help out her brother any way she could.

Katsuki: Let's make a deal. I will take your place, and you take out a slice of cake for me and leave it behind the counter so we won't get caught.

Katsuhiko sighed; he knew that she would require something sugary for her to help him.

Katsuhiko: Fine, fine. One of these days you're going to rot your brain with all the sugary stuff you eat.

Katsuki and Katsuhiko crawled from under the table, and both of them stood up. Katsuhiko placed one hand on Katsuki's right shoulder. "Good Luck." The last words Katsuhiko said to his twin sister before dashing off to the second floor. Katsuki's eyes went to the table her brother was complaining about. It was a booth filled with women in their late 20's to early 30's. She could hear their loud, obnoxious conversation all the way on the other side of the restaurant. "Yeah…these broads are drunk." She could already see through the women.

Katsuki: I'm only doing this for unhealthy treats. (Katsuki muttered as she slowly walked over to the table Katsuhiko passed on to her).

When Katsuki finally arrived to the table she was now serving she was welcomed by very confused stares. Katsuki was surprised they were actually attractive, yet they were still very rude. The four women stared down Miwa, causing both parties to start a stare down.

Katsuki: Umm…my name is Katsuki, and I will be more than happy to take you lovely ladies orders.

Katsuki looked at the women's' hats that read "Best Bacholette Party". "I wonder which one is the bride?" Katsuki thought in her head. The four women seemed unpleased they were having a waitress serve them instead of a handsome waiter; like Katsuhiko. Miwa's sweat dropped, because she felt this whole situation was just plain weird and awkward.

"You're not our waiter, that cute boy was!" One of the women finally protested. Katsuki was starting to get annoyed by the rude women.

Katsuki: He's on break, but I would be more than happy to take your orders. (Katsuki was trying to seem as pleasant as possible without losing her temper).

The women aimed their menus at Katsuki's face, but she quickly blocked their pitiful attack with her menu pad. "Boo!" "Boo!" "We want testosterone!" The women all protested at Katsuki. They didn't even bother to give her a shot. Katsuki, whose anger was finally at its limit decided to say something.

Katsuki: Well…who the hell celebrates their bachelorette party at a dinner! Who is even the bride here?! (Katsuki's vain starting tweaking rapidly).

The women became silently for a minute and suddenly all of them started crying with laughter. "Why would we invite the bride?" "All of us hate the annoying bitch". Katsuki was so confused. Why would they have a bachelorette party without the actual bachelorette?" She thought to herself.

Seiji, Tamaki's twin brother walked down stairs to the first floor' probably to spy on attractive waitresses. In his laid-back manner casually crossing his arms above his head, and strolled around to find something fun to do. His ocean blue eyes quickly spotted the chaos that was taking place at the table Katsuki was trying to serve. His eyes didn't point there because he felt the need to save Katsuki, his eyes looked directly at the attractive women that Katsuki was bickering with. Miwa and the four drunk and ignorant bridesmaids were in the middle of yelling at another until Seiji slithered his way in between them.

His arrogant smile and his over confidence made Katsuki's skin crawl. Katsuki knew he was only over there to try to woo the older attractive women. "Why am I always surrounded by simple boys?" Katsuki only knew this was going to get way worse. She greatly disliked Seiji and only barely tolerated him, because he was Tamaki's brother. Seiji was known for romancing multiple numbers of women at once. Katsuki just thought Seiji was just "Sloppy Company".

Seiji: Is Katsuki upsetting you pretty ladies? (His pick-up lines were making Miwa wish she could puke).

The bridesmaids were memorized by his appearance. His good-looks were actually making the women calm down; they couldn't even get a word out.

Katsuki: What the hell are you doing here? This is my table! (Katsuki's vain popped). Seiji pulled Katsuki's arm and pulled away from the bridesmaids' table.

Seiji: Listen babe! I had to spend two hours after school in the classroom that you were supposed to clean! I deserve to have a little fun. (His smirking started to creep out Katsuki).

Katsuki: You're disgusting, I hope you know that.

Seiji just laughed at Katsuki's insult; he probably agreed, but being the person that he was he wouldn't give a damn.

Seiji: You're so cute when you're angry. (Seiji gently stroked Katsuki's cheek).

Katsuki tried to bite Seiji's hand, but he quickly grabbed it back. Seiji quickly ran back to the bridesmaids' table to work his magic. Katsuki disgusted gave up, and slowly back away until she was out of Seiji's, and the bridesmaids' view. Her mood went from happy, to sad, back to joyful, and finally she was exhausted. Miwa just wanted to grab a slice of cake and call it a day. She decided to take refuge behind the bakery counter. "Yes! Nobody's guarding it!" At least Katsuki was finally getting lucky in something.

She went to the side of the counter and slowly placed her left leg in first; hoping not to fall over. Her second leg didn't go over smoothly like the other and she trip on her knee on the counter floor. "Ouch!" Miwa tried to keep low.

Struggling to gain her composer back she was surprised to see her other friend Hama hiding from work like he was. Hama was another one of Katsuki's classmates, he was known for his 6"3' height, his many body piercings, and his long mint green hair. Hama was typically quite; mostly because he was an outcast, and many people found him to scary to approach. His back was facing her, and she could hear the loud metal music that was coming from his headphones. Katsuki saw this as a perfect opportunity to spook him. She slowly crawled as quietly as she could towards Hamawho seemed into his music to notice Katsuki behind him. She rose up on her knees and slowly attempted to poke her silent friend until Hama grabbed Katsuki's arm and yanked her forward.

Katsuki: Whoa! (Katsuki squealed as she fell forward on face).

Hama, who was slightly alarmed, took out his headphones and turned off his mp3 and stared slightly confused at his friend Katsuki.

Katsuki: Owie…I forgot you had fast reflexes.

Hama straightens Katsuki's shoulder to help her rise back up. Her bangs were slightly messy, but she didn't seem to mind. He had a straight-face the whole time as if he was unamused, or not surprised this would happen.

Katsuki: Look like you're escaping work like me too. (She laughed while looking at Hama).

Hama still silent touched Katsuki's forehead attempting to smooth at her messy bangs. Katsuki raised her eyes watching Hama awkwardly touch her hair.

Katsuki: Hmm…yes I see. (Katsuki's sweat dropped; she felt slightly embarrassed and was attempting to make small talk.).

When Hama noticed she was starting to feel awkward his put his hand back down and looked down with a slightly bored expression.

Hama: I'm hiding from your mother. She got upset because I walked away from a rude customer.

Katsuki was excited that her and Hama both were dealing with the same issue, while Hama seem slightly embarrassed to admit getting into trouble.

Katsuki: Really?! Me too! Now I feel less crappy. Well…I mean I still feel a bit like shit, but we can both be crap together!

Katsuki's enthusiasm made serious Hama cover his mouth; his attempt not to chuckle.

Katsuki: No lesson to me. I saw both of us walk back to my table…well I mean ex-table and kick Seiji's stupid, douche-bag ass! (Thinking of Seiji made her veins pop from her head, and she started to get red all over with anger).

Hama: What did he do this time? (Hama tried to seem as interested as he could, but in truth he was uninterested about talking about Seiji too).

Katsuki started slapping the floor out of frustration, an action Hama felt very, very confusing.

Katsuki: Seiji acted like Seiji. (She said sadly while looking at the floor).

Hama reached his hand inside the bakery counter and pulled out a pre-sliced piece of chocolate cake and handed it to Katsuki.

Hama:..Here. (He rolled his eyes; feeling awkward about doing something nice).

Katsuki lifted her head and stared at Hama.

Hama: You probably had a really shitty day so...take it.

Katsuki: Thank you. (She said to Hama while taking the plate from him.

Hama: Do you need a fork?

Katsuki: Nope! I always carry one. (She proudly said).

Hama: You're so weird. (He finally cracked a small smile).

Katsuki: Nah...I'm just greedy. (She said as she began stuffing her face with cake).

Hama: I can cover for you if you want.

Katsuki stopped eating and looked back suspiciously at Hama.

Katsuki: Why would you do that? You don't even like doing your own shift.

Hama face went back serious.

Hama: I need cigarettes from the market. (He blatantly said to Katsuki).

Katsuki: Sure, I guess? But, why can't you do it? You live closer to the market than I do.

Hama: I know that, but I…got banned.

Katsuki was surprised at Hama's response.

Katsuki: Come again? (She said with a cracked smile).

Hama covered his face with his hands and lowered his face.

Hama: Banned!

Katsuki broke out into laughter.

Katsuki: What did you do rob an old lady? (She joked).

Hama: Yes.

Katsuki laughter came to a pause and her mouth dropped.

Hama: Well not exactly…this woman got robbed at the market and since they're all afraid of me they assumed it was me.

Katsuki rubbed Hama's back feeling more sympathetic towards him.

Katsuki: Poor scary-looking Hama. I shall definitely get your cigarettes. (She said with enthusiasm).

Hama:…..Thanks. (He awkwardly said while handing Katsuki the money to buy them)

Katsuki and Hama both sat up and walked in front of the counter.

Hama: Now where's that table you keep complain about.

Katsuki gladly pointed to where Seiji and those bridesmaids were sitting at. Seiji was still flirting with the older women; Katsuki scowled her face and angrily walked out the shop. Hama walked over to the table and was greeted with awkward stares. The women seem terrified of Hama; his serious glare, and piercing made them uncomfortable. Seiji on the other hand was happy to see his friend.

Seiji: Hama! (Seiji happily said as he got up and starting hugging Hama).

Hama, who was disgusted at being touché, pushed his palm on Seiji's face making him fall on his side.

Hama: What did I say about fucking touching me?! (Hama was starting to get why Katsuki was so frustrated with Seiji).

Hama looked back at the bridesmaids which made them slightly scared.

Hama: Order food or get out. (Hama blatantly said).


Chapter05: The Misfortunate Sakuragi Miya! Pt.1

Back at the restaurant staffers were busy taking orders while trying to present themselves as cheery slaves. On the second floor customers had to pay a pricier to reversed a table than the lowest level. Unlike the first floor which only served tea and sweets the second level actually served full 3-course meals. The level had a more exclusive, hip vibe that complimented much better than the first did. The waitresses' uniforms were a bit more provocative than the waitresses downstairs. The outfit would consist of a long-sleeve white crop top, a gold puffy, high-waisted skirt, white knee-length socks, and gold high heels that were two inches. The men wore long-sleeved black shirts, gold and black stripped ties, black dress pants, and brown dress shoes.

Tamaki and Miya both worked on the second floor unlike Katsuki. Tamaki was more active than Miya when it came to working. Miya frequently stays out of sight; most likely to smoke. Tamaki enjoyed working, and enjoyed moving around in her puffy skirt. She was also a very popular waitress, and even had her own fan club. Customers were often memorized by her good-looks, good attitude, and tall, slim hourglass body. Ning, Katsuki's mother, often patrolled the workers to make sure that they weren't acting out. Her fierce squinting made them nervous, as she was quite strict. Even though she was a short, skinny woman she was known for having a fearsome personality.

Sitting behind the bar with tiny binoculars she stalked each one the waiters making sure that they were up to her standards. Tamaki joyfully skipped over to a sat at the bar and pulled out a pouch full of tip money. Happily counting all the tip money she earned Tamaki was unaware that Ning was staring her down with confusing in her eyes.

Ning: Tamaki!

Tamaki looked up at Ning with astonishment in her big, blue eyes.

Ning: Where's short dolly-looking girl! (She was referring to Miya).

Tamaki eyes quickly drew right and left as she struggling coming up with a realistic lie why Miya wasn't present.

Tamaki: Ummm…over there. (She quickly pointed to another Miya waitress who had short, red hair unlike Sakuragi who has long, brown pigtails.

Tamaki's sweat dropped when she noticed Ning was angrily staring her down. Trying to regain a calmer composer Ning closed her eyes and took a long breath.

Ning: You know I'm not talking about that Miya, where's Sakuragi!

Tamaki starting panicking, she didn't want to her best friend getting in trouble, but she didn't want to be punished by Ning for lying. She decided to force a cute smile on her face.

Tamaki: Tip money? (She handed her pouch full of her tip money in hopes that Ning would let Miya).

Out of frustration Ning mildly smack Tamaki's right face cheek with the pouch. Shocked and a bit in pain Tamaki gently took back her pouch, bow, and slowly walked away.

Tamaki: Ni..nice talking to you Mrs. Miwa. (She was probably going to sulk when other are not currently around).

Still a bit frustrated and bored Ning's eyes widen when she smelt the smell of cigarettes not so far from the girl's restroom. Golden Boys was a non-smoking restaurant and Ning knew that something wasn't normal about it.

In the girl's bathroom there was no one present except for Miya Sakuragi in the middle bathroom stall. Sitting on top of toilet sit Miya was causally smoking a cigarette, but it wasn't her first one. Multiple used cigarette were scattered on the floor, but she didn't sseem to care. Miya didn't look the part of a rebellious, chain smoker. People who didn't know Miya personally thought of her as a short, quiet, doll-looking girl who didn't take part in juvenile activities.

Ning: Sakuragi where are you!

Ning's sudden yell alarmed Miya and she knew that she needed to get lost quick.

Ning: Miya!

Ning quickly ran into the bathroom and was stunned to see a smoking Miya sitting in the large, open window in the bathroom. Ning's eyes glared at Sakuragi which made her smirk.

Miya: This is lame.

Ning: You better not!

Miya gave a salute to Ning and proceeded to jerk back and fall out the second floor window. Not fearful of her bold move Miya gracefully landed on the ground safely on her feet. Walking bystanders paused and stared with confusing at the girl who fell out the sky. Miya simplify glared at them and proceeded to quickly walk away with her cigarette still in her mouth.


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