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Elemental Knight Joey

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PostSubject: DIGIMON:THE NEW TEAM!   Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:06 am

Chapter 1
The new kid and old friends

After Susanoomon hit Lucemon with the deathblow, lucemon was no more and the digital world was at peace at least. But now 3 years have pass from that day. Tommy, J.P, Zoë, Koji and Takyua were back in the real world. Tommy, J.P, Zoë, Koji and Takyua are in the 7’Th grade And J.P is in the 8’Th grade.
During homeroom in class 121. The Teacher stands and said” Class today we have a new student with us, please stand and said hello to Joey Yamamoto. He was wearing a shirt that have a sword stabbing the heart with Rip jeans. He sits on the deck on the end of the class room.
A young girl with long blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a pink cap with two points that resemble a cat's ears coming out of it. She also wears white and pink shoes and long purple stockings. She wears a blue and white striped shirt under a pink jacket and a pink skirt, and white panties Stand up and walks over to the deck of the new kid. She said” Hello, Joey my name is Zoë, it nice to meet you.” He stop writing down notes and said to Zoë” leave me alone” He put his book and his pens back in his backpack and carry it on his shoulders and walk out from the class.

The class bell ring and Joey was handing around the trees to be alone. Zoë was heading to see her friends. Takuya still with the goggles on his head saw Tommy. He said to him” Hey Tommy, long time no sees.” As he hug him like his own brother. Tommy answers” Hey Takuya, and yeah the last time we saw each other is when we was with Koji. J.P was walking with Koji. J.P said to Tommy and Takuya” I miss you lugnuts” As J.P was giving them Bear-like hugs to the both of them. That until Zoë came. J.P begins to blush and run up to her, but she was not felling like herself. Takyua said to Zoë” hey, are you felling alight?” Zoë didn’t answer and put her head down. Tommy sit next to Zoë and begin to rub her back and said” Hey, you ok?” Zoë pick up her head and said” Hey tommy, it nothing I just feel sad for the new kid” Koji said” The new kid? “
Joey pick up his bag and about to walk home. Zoë stand and said” The new kid name is Joey, and he think no one is his friend. Takuya thought of an idea. Zoë slap Takyua on the face and said to him” how dare you takuya, you want to follow him?” Takuya fall from the floor and said” Hey, it was not a bad idea thought.” Koji said to Takuya” It is a bad idea, but it the only one that we have so let go for it. So the 4 of them follow Joey home.
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PostSubject: Re: DIGIMON:THE NEW TEAM!   Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:34 am

I see I'm not apart of the new team. Very well, dear Joey. Me and Volcanamon will leave elsewhere.
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Elemental Knight Joey

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PostSubject: Re: DIGIMON:THE NEW TEAM!   Tue Mar 26, 2013 5:57 pm

Chapter 2
D-tectors, a Gateway, and answers

When Joey was going home, his black and gray phone glow from his pockets. He took it out and saw it change into a Black and Gray D-Tector. He looks at it and said” What is this?” He run home and find out. During the Afternoon the 4 of them walking to Joey’s house. Tommy said to Koji” Koji, you think is a little crazy, to go to that new kid house?” Koji answers Tommy” Well you are right, but we need to see why he is like this?” Zoë keep walking with the gang and thought” What if Joey doesn’t like us, and kick us out?” J.P was walking with her. Takuya said to the rest of them” Ok guys we are here.” The 4 of them look at the house and said” Awe, it so cute” Takuya said to Zoë” Ok Zoë you going to go in first” Zoë look at Takuya and said” Yeah, ok you crazy boy”.
Zoë knock the door of Joey’s house. Everyone stand behind her. A 30 year old guy came and said to them” Hello, are you joey’s friends?” Zoë answers” Yes we are, my name is Zoë, and these are my friends, Takuya, Koji, J.P and Tommy. The guy said” That cool Zoë, My name is Bruce, and I am Joey’s father.” The 4 of them bow. Bruce said” Please, you don’t need to do that, you want to come inside?” The gang said” Sure thing.” When the 4 of them enter the house they saw joey playing video games. Tommy said to him” Hey Joey!” Joey drops his games and run upstairs to his room and locks it. Bruce said to the gang” that was the same things that happen with a group of friends when we first move here?” Zoë was in shock from it. , and said” Why will joey do that?”

Bruce sign and said” His Sister Eve, and his mom move to the USA without him, they was thinking of bring him with them to have a new life, but his sister want him to finish school here, He and his sister love each other, but after that he change into a lonely dude.” Zoë said to Bruce” Is there a way to talk to joey?” Bruce said to the gang” go up to his room, and talk to him yourself it might help him?”

The gang begin to walk upstairs to his room until there phone glows. Takuya said to the gang” If our Phone glows that mean……” J.P said” Digital World here we come.” The Gang find the door and bust the door down. Joey Jump from the bed and said” What in the world you guys doing here?” Koji answers” To prov-“Zoë stop Koji from talking and said” We know why you are like this” Joey was in shock and begin to tear up and said” you have no right of knowing.” Zoë feel bad for Joey, She hug Joey and said” I sorry Joey, I promise I won’t leave your side” Joey said to Zoë” Re…Really?” Zoë answers” Yes, Joey I won’t leave your side.
Inside of Joey’s Computer a Gateway opens up to the Digital world by Joey’s Computer. Joey said to Zoë” I have to go to the Digital world. Zoë answers” You don’t have a D-Tector?!” Joey took out his Black and gray D-Tector and said to Zoë” what about now” He jump into the Gateway. The Same as Zoë, Tommy, J.P, Koji and Takuya. The six of them is heading to the Digital world.
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PostSubject: Re: DIGIMON:THE NEW TEAM!   

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