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 Sweet Tooth: A Factory of Horror

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PostSubject: Sweet Tooth: A Factory of Horror   Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:47 pm

I never once in my life wanted to create children's fears, though what I envisioned and what happens is not the same thing. It wasn't that I envisioned creating children's dreams either, you see I'm not particularly fond of children either to be honest with you. As children either comes in two forms, naive and because of this they are perceived with innocence or rotten greedy, gluttonous, those who want everything because they have been left out to spoil like leftovers on the dining table. Both kinds of children, however, were just as bad as the other. Just because a child is naive and innocent who would never do anything to harm people doesn't mean they suddenly deserve an award. And children whom were spoiled or gluttonous were just as bad as the naive child, their own naive spoiled mind poisoned an ill fit to society. Though I don't blame the children, it's as the saying goes, bad dog no bad trainer. Bad children, not entirely, bad parents.
Though I am not really a child therapist nor a family therapist for that fact of the matter. See I believed in a dream, a world of my own. A world that I secluded to myself. I worked as an inventor, but not really any normal inventor. I was an inventor of candy, spending my days drawing and writing the next biggest ideas. That is until I saw what candy did to the world. Those naive children and those spoiled children took it upon like drugs, addicted, and became just as gluttonous as each other. I spend most days in my own fantasy world, the world I created for myself really. I closed the gates to Sweet World. What was I really thinking at the time with such a large under taking, I will not know. You see I had a few business friends, whom allowed me the extension of my factor to become a theme land. Though disgusted by the commerce, I closed the doors and secluded myself from the world. We don't even really create anything any more. We just watch lonely faces look over the gates, eating Dirg Mud chocolate bricks.
They all wish for Sweeties to return, but I cannot be responsible for the fall of society that I know of. Sweet World was to fun, gave in to much marketing, gave in to much commerce of business greed. A world made of Sweets, with the Ropal roller coasters made of licorice, well not real licorice though children have tried to taste the rides before.
Even if it was edible, I don't think the dust and sitting out in the sun, snow, sleet, and rain would have helped the flavor.

"Sir," said a voice that I hadn't even noticed slipped into the office.

"What is it?" I snapped.

I realized I probably came off more harsh than I should.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, "What do you need?"

"There is some kids, out near the front gates again,"

I turned the man speaking to me, his name was Riddel Worth, a funny name I agree though he did look like a runaway from the circus. A dwarf in fancy dress, I think he got particularly use to liking being the host of the amusement park that he continued to wear what only a ringmaster would wear. With a tailcoat, waist high breeches and long boots. He even sported a nice top hat as well with a fist full of feathers jammed into it's patchy exterior.

"And?" I asked not particularly interested in what children were doing staring at the theme park.

"They are throwing rocks at the gate," Riddel replied he looked frightened as if I would burst into a flame of temper, when I had not he raised an eyebrow as if it were not okay for an outburst from me.

"Again?" I asked exasperated.

"Yes, what would like me to do?" Riddel asked.

At this point I was unsure of what to do. I did mention that I wasn't fond of children, though this may be one of the reasons why. Then it was like magic as if something popped in my head, I sprang up from my chair and Riddel was taken aback.

"I know," I said, "I know, we'll choose the perfect specimens."

"Perfect what?" Riddel asked raising an eyebrow.

"Children," I replied, "It's perfect. We'll have children write a letter to us. And we'll choose the best letters. Then allow those we chose a tour of the factory."

"This is starting to sound like a certain book," Riddel asked.

"Yes, but the difference is..."I paused, "We'll be sending a message."

"You mean?" Riddel asked.

"Well yes, how else are the gummies going to be made," I replied.

"The gummies," Riddel asked, "Well yes, I see your point."

"Good, wake up the others, tell them we're going to make candy," I said.

"I have never seen you this chipper, or sober," Riddel replied honestly.

"True, but my head is much much clearer now,"
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Sweet Tooth: A Factory of Horror
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