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 Response to From a Look Above

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King of Worlds

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PostSubject: Response to From a Look Above   Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:48 pm

Disclaimer: I don't care what you have to say. Hate it or love it.


I was a from a Kingdom of another land, this Kingdom was not a kind Kingdom. As I was an abused and overused advisor. There was much bickering in the courts, as the King I served under was a tryant. One day he exiled those whom worked under him, calling them betrayers when truly I do believe to this day it was him who betrayed us. There we had our own separate kingdom. I now a new advisor to a new King. But our Kingdoms was still conjoined to the other one that had exiled us, and banished us to this new land. A land we were trying to make work, while revolt against the traitors and revolt against ourselves.

Even to this day, I still consider if I'm strong enough for this job. When peace and civilty could not be met, when hostility rose. My King rode on white horses, with all of those whom were oppressed and tired of the old regime. There were constructed a new kingdom. One that I thought would signify peace. Not just within the kingdom itself, but within myself. All though an advisor, I had always been the one to fall on the work the King hadn't done. Maybe back then though I was a little jealous as the people revered him. The King had saved them of that oppressive era, but so had I? Hadn't I? I was the one that advised and guided the King to this decision.

Yet no one rejoiced my name, no one spoke my name unless it was a whisper of ill intention. And true, very just that I let my bitterness and anger, maybe even my envy take over me. Why won't the people listen to me, when I had done just as much as the King? I had stayed by his side. Provided a path for a new journey. Yet I was still the one that they secretly believed the betrayer. Either way, despite this slow churning storm, there was for a long while rest and peace in our new regime. Our King was hailed, while I sat in the shadows biting my nails. Maybe I was jealous the whole entire time. The reason I lashed out was because I secretly desired wearing the crown. Not only that, but I still couldn't trust my King. A storm of unrest and unsettling friendship always deep within my soul.

Though our regime was peaceful a time of great success. As other advisors stood next to me, I stood next to my King proud that I had been the first. But the people themselves didn't see it this way. I always felt unneeded and unwanted. I had become from an advisor to merely a butler with no power.I changed the curtains and the drapes, the rugs, and the dress. Still holding the position of advisor for all the King was concerned, yet all the people saw me powerless. My words venomous with the lack of control and trust inside of me. I think the kingdom that we built, always had dark secrets in our skeleton closet. We simply were always able to bounce back from one storm after the next.

Though you could say it was a domino effect, the smaller pieces had already fallen into place. So many people banished and exiled on my path, while the people spoke against me, I so weakly hid behind my king begging for his pardon and his power to protect me. Several times, my position taken as a sham to the people, to provide them ease of mind and peace. Yet nothing I did nor stayed, had their trust. As the last regime, there was unrest in the counsels. Nobleman against their King's advisors. Especially of the choices made by me. I suppose that's when I lost my nerve. I broke, mentally. Maybe I should have left my King's side, but I had owed him so much. Though who spoke, ill, would lose their right or be banished by my word.

This caused those whom distrusted me, to stay away from me. I became revered in a much darker sense. I the boogeyman on the King's court. There were many whom wanted me thrown out. And again the sham of me being taken away and then brought back. Always such a sham. It was a maiden that truly had me and my cunning. The maiden from the old kingdom the one that I had long since brought into my past from the old era, came to our King's feet and asked for our forgiveness and her return. It was this maiden whom came with such cunning. She saw the darkness we had for a long time hidden and stirred all the strings that needed to be stirred. She'll forever to this day plead to a clean innocent concious, but I know ill of her very to well.

Civil war broke out, all the little trust people had in my evident. As I tried to protect the kingdom, the bonds that I never made with the people snapped. I a ghost, effortlessly speaking, my words reaching no ones ears. There were those with our king and those wth the Nobleman. It was dark times, as trust and darkness surrounded our kingdom. It was only the word of a maiden, that sprung such unrest. Many do not blame her, but I suppose I am fated to believe that it was her. Maybe it was me, I'm unsure. There were many that day that left, followed the maiden to a new kingdom, to a new world. Though this would not be the last.

Her words ill in the shadows, whispered, things against the court to our nobleman and our people. Taking them. Bringing them against us. I advised banishment. While many pleaded for the maiden's return and those whom had betrayed us. I was always all alone there. I saw the darkness she brought, but no one blamed her. Though I blame myself for starting the unrest that she could so easily stir.

I remembered it so clearly the night we had somehow found some peace after all the in fighting. The bonds of trust were still splintered, shattered. The maiden and her people, banquetting with us. I don't remember if there was an argument. All I remember was the sound of the cannon that had been shot at us. Our kingdom, shattered, broken. It broke into pieces, by our enemies cannon. All that we built destroyed. Our wall shattered. It was this destruction of our kingdom that brought the people close together as we rebuilt this kingdom slowly. Though there was a still a storm inside. There were many whom blamed me. Whom used me as a scapegoat. That night of mutiny, where I had been the one exiled and banished by the people instead of me doing it. I was alone. Something I feared from the start as well. I was never good with the relations of people, when I feared I lose them, I resorted to my anger to express how I felt.

After that night our kingdom was not the same, rebuilt, partially, but barren. The people saw me, and whispered of ill. I both jealous, angry at the other advisors. I did one last act believing that if I did that I would save our kingdom. If I was no longer here, maybe the storm I brought would no longer linger. I announced I was to leave and out of the ashes, many followed me along. Though this caused on last storm between my king and the advisors. Friendship and trust broken. Words spoken harshly. We didn't destroy our bonds by the sword, we broke them with the words we spoke. I left exiled and to wander alone. Thinking, what could I have done to be better? I knew this was all unlike me. But I didn't know the answer.


Ruler of the Bad trio, King of Worlds. 
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PostSubject: Re: Response to From a Look Above   Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:52 pm

I must say it's a wonderful response, Reiji. It puts into perspective a different focus of the events in oppose to mine. To a point, it puts mine to shame. Where mine's like a brief history from my point of view, your's is more like a dark past that you're focusing with a stressed emphasis on your emotion. Still, I'd rather not argue over what specifically happened as we'll fight for days with bitter temperaments. Rather, I thank you for sharing this.

Now, all that's left is from the eyes of the King himself.
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Response to From a Look Above
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