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 A Stain in my Memory

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King of Worlds

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PostSubject: A Stain in my Memory   Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:14 am

Like wine spilt on the
white floor you are a stain in
my memory

This is not to compare
you to something horrible, I actually
quite liked that stain

But what I wish for, what I
desire for is if that wine was
never split and the wine was
still in the glass

When you said you Loved me
when did you start not meaning it
you left lasting impressions in my mind
your voice, the way you look

I still dream about you and still
desire you, all though I'm not
particularly sad, I can't move on either

I can't move on
Thinking about what that could have been
Thinking about the flavor
We had only just started to know one another
When did you stop loving me?

I can't move on
I need you in my life, I sound
quite like an addict, but I caught your

And I need the cure which is you
I can't move on
I'm stuck and angry
Because I still love you and still
mean I love you

When did you stop meaning it?

I think the truth of the fact of the
matter is you're afraid of the serious committment
we could have had because the last one
ended in such tragedy
You pushed me away with what were only
minor details

Those whom truly loved, could also truly forgive
Now you're a stain in my memory that
I constantly look at and can't move on

I can't remove it
Can't hide it the way I have hidden
many other things in my mind
I can't move on from you


Ruler of the Bad trio, King of Worlds. 
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A Stain in my Memory
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