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 Knowledge - A Reflection By Miko

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Schoolgirl Mikona
Ever-Silent Kitsune

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PostSubject: Knowledge - A Reflection By Miko   Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:44 am


Knowledge, from my own experience. is the awareness of certain facts and existance. Knowledge comes in many synonyms. Intelligence. Smartness. Chishiki, the Japanese translation, is my characters last name. However, knowledge is incomprehensible to many. Is knowledge knowing? Or is it knowing in different areas? A man can be knowledgable in work, but not in play.

In essentiality, knowledge is truth. Knowing facts, knowing cause, knowing things that truly exist one way or another. Truth is made naturally, like knowledge. A lie is artifically made, while the truth simply... exists, no matter what.

I am unsure.

Knowledge and truth are abstract things, after all.Trying to envision both as physical beings is strange. All that comes to mind is books. I know that they are so much more than that.

Knowledge is not always good. Knowledge of your own sadness, for one, is depressing, but is still knowledge. Sadness is also abstract, like knowledge, so it is strange that it was created by another abstract thing. Is sadness a root of knowledge, maybe? Or knowledge, a root of sadness? Possibly both, moving around each other.

I am unsure.

This theory, though incomplete, may apply to other emotion like happiness and anger. However, it may not. Emotion is it's own thing, but is also a compilation of things. Emotion sometimes impedes progress to knowledge. That is why I have previously believed thata no emotion will only all further movement. However, I was proven wrong by peers that emotion also expedites, hastens, progress by giving a motive to go through with an action. Otherwise, progress means nothing, therefore, not even starting knowledge in the first place.

Therefore. I like that word.
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Comeback King

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PostSubject: Re: Knowledge - A Reflection By Miko   Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:50 am

mikomoso wrote:
Truth is made naturally, like knowledge. A lie is artifically made, while the truth simply... exists, no matter what.
I found this part to be pretty valuable. It makes so much solid sense while both affiliates, truths and lies, are so abstract. It's a deeper paradox that intertwines itself into this amalgam of text and fact and idea that's so wonderful.

On another note, you should really meet Hazou. He's very deep and profound in his thoughts, just like you.

Hazou wrote:
People carry their good qualities on their backs. Because they can't see the flowers behind them, all they see are the dirty roots."
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Knowledge - A Reflection By Miko
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