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 Unknown Titlle

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King of Worlds

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PostSubject: Unknown Titlle   Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:54 am

This is going to get deleted, after you read.


Anyway the story begins as Laura Jones goes to a doctor outside her family in order to help her brother whom has not slept for a week almost breaching two. She has always been worried about him and his health since he doesn't take care of it. The first time Patterson meets William, his studio flat is littered in coffee mugs and the walls are covered with his latest obsession word puzzles. This one in particularly has left him perplexed. And the story progression is when William finds stumbles upon happenings on a street, police line tape, police figuring out a murder and this naturally becomes a new puzzle that he could work on. He finds it curious and fascinated. His sister ,as his caretaker naturally has to come along, while she and Reese share a romantic bond lingering in the background he generally plays his need to care for Williams. The three of whisked off into detective work.

She didn't particularly care for hospitals, something about their bland, blank walls that lacked mental stimulation bothered her. Or the smell that hospitals have, the smell of sterile cleaner. It was an absent smell, with no welcoming atmosphere. And the doctors blended in with the walls. Her family name allowed her to be back here as doctors passed their offices. She was particularly annoyed that the nurse couldn't find anyone open just yet. So she decided to take things in her own hands.

"Excuse me," she called out as loud as.

Well that worked better than she thought.

"I need some help," she said, "Please can anyone help me."

A tall man walked up to her, he was both handsome and young in his mid thirties. He was well fit and had a strong bone structure. All though really this was not the time to be admiring men nor looking for them. She placed her long slender fingers on her hips and looked at him with a sharp expression.

"That's a rather intimidating look," he said with a friendly smile, "May I help you? Though really you should have an appointment. So many other people are waiting. And you don't seem to be bleeding out."

"Do you know who I am?" she asked sharply, "They can wait. This is definitely more important than bleeding out. Anyway my request is simple, I need a prescription for sleeping pills."

"I cannot administrate a prescription without a checkup," he paused and frowned at her as if disappointed with her moral standings, "And that is illegal."

"Look here doctor...." she paused to read his name tag, "Patterson. I'm Laura Jones. As in thee Jones of the biggest law firm in this city. My name Jones, is feared and spoken like legend. So you give me what I want. Cause I don't want to have to bribe you."

"So a woman, a famous one at that, comes into a hospital demanding a prescription to get her next fix on her drug addiction?" Patterson replied, "I don't really think so."
"This isn't for me," she said sounding more desperate than she wanted, "It's for my younger brother."

"So feeding your brothers addiction then, good on you big sister," Patterson snapped, "Go get an appointment and bring your brother here for a checkup. Famous or not I am not going to put someone's life in danger."

She huffed.

"Dr. Patterson....I don't know if this is a farce, you trying to play good doctor. But I am not feeding anyone's addiction," she snapped at him right back, "My brother hasn't slept in weeks now. I'm more worried about a heart attack by now than an addiction."


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King of Worlds

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PostSubject: Re: Unknown Titlle   Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:55 am

He found himself walking out of the Mercedes and looking at a typical ordinary apartment flat, not something in particular he imagined two rich brats to enjoy. Especially with the expensive car.

"Is this some joke?" Patterson asked.

"No," she said, "This is my brother's place. He likes it here. No third story, only two. Less places to be crushed. His words not mine."

"I wouldn't expect...."

"Just cause we have money and dad gave us a trust doesn't mean we don't have our particulars," she cut him off, "I like my, let's go inside it's freezing out here."

They opened the old wood door with the glass frames that must have been changed every few years as the door got older and older. It creaked and inside wasn't particularly welcoming either. It was almost the set up of a horror movie. Peeling wallpaper, an elderly woman at the check in counter. Old wooden doors, old wooden stairs.

"Oh Laura," the elderly lady woman said.

"Yes Ms. Dublin," Laura spoke.

"It's good to see you is all," Dublin said, "Your brother has gone off again."

"That's what we're here about," Laura spoke.

She quickly walked down the first floor hall and made her way to room door 39 in rusty old metal numbers. She took out a key and opened the door with a hefty creak and some things were knocked back by the door opening. Isn't what exactly what Patterson has expected as he saw the small little apartment's floor lined with coffee cups placed in neat orderly lines.

"Oh my god!" Laura exclaimed, "I leave for only 3hrs and it just gets worse."

The smell of fresh brewed coffee did not linger in the apartment for long. He had a feeling some of these cups were not freshly brewed. He found himself and Laura having to dodge mugs like they were land mines. The only free room they had was in the small family style room. Where a man lay on a couch staring at the ceiling. The man had easily been able to cover the whole entire wall behind him in letters.

"William!" Laura shouted.

"Sister," the man on the couch replied, "Help yourself to a cup of coffee. Oh and can you run to the market and get me some more. I'm in the world's deadliest Hangman session as of now."

"What have you done?" she asked almost in tears, "What have you done? This is a disaster. Do you care about Ms. Dublin? She's going to clean this, all of this."

"Nice cleaning lady," the so called William replied.

"She's not a cleaning lady!" Laura shouted, "She is the landlord."

"You've brought someone," William said changing the subject to the annoyance of his sister.

"Yes I'm....Reese Patterson," he replied.

The man stood up from the couch, Reese was rather surprised. When Laura mentioned the heart attack he had half expected, a glutton. But this young man was gaunt, mid twenties. He would have been handsome if his eyes weren't dark and heavy. His blue eyes, however unaware he was, were alert. His skin was fair and so was his hair, which really complimented his sisters darker complexion and hair. He was also rather short and compact.

"How much coffee have you had?" Patterson asked.

"Count the cups," William said, "I have enough for seven more days. Sister, coffee? You going to buy some more. Also I happened to use all the coffee mugs in the house. Now either someone can clean them can buy me some new ones while you're at it."


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Unknown Titlle
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