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 So this should have been out a few weeks ago......

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PostSubject: So this should have been out a few weeks ago......   Sun Aug 07, 2016 2:24 pm

Okay so this should have come out last Saturday, but due to a 'lack' of communication and my personal life, I need to push a announcement video out until at least next week's Friday, however, the channel is up at the moment, so that's the link below. If you want to support it please subscribe, like I said video's should start by next week's Friday so please bare with me. Also if anyone from the site would like to maybe upload their own content to the channel please talk to myself at some point, the more help I get with this the easier everything will end up. In case you wanna know, the channel art is made by myself, also my channel is linked on the main page so, if you want, subscribe to that to, you know, if you want.

Channel Link:

Thanks for baring with me, doing this mostly myself is difficult and I'm trying my best to make this work as of right now.


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So this should have been out a few weeks ago......
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