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 Character Sheet: Caphalor Chanzou

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PostSubject: Character Sheet: Caphalor Chanzou    Tue May 05, 2015 7:06 pm

Name: Cahpalor Chanzao
Race: Human
Age + Birthdate: 16, 14th of June
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight

Personality: Caphalor does not really have alot of reactions to his surrounding. Most of the time he only thinks bout himselfand. He treats people like he does to almost everyone. Most people does he see as lower then him. He thinks he i better then them and acts like tht. Only if its a  someone who is stronger then himself wil he show respect. He still looks at what he gains from it. On normal bases is his face without any emotion. He does see no one as his friend and is not interested in havin one. He can be nice but that is if he knows he can gain something out of iit. He is not someoene you can count on. He can backstab people and will never feel guilty about it. If you need help he will think what he gets and if that is not enough he will just leave you behind. When he figths he fights to win. He does not alow bhimself to retreat ever. He does not fear death and that makes him more dangerous. He will keep fighting till the bitter end. He likes to see the pain of others and to see blood and kil peopel. WHat him enjoys the most is the face when he watches somoene die.

word counter : 196

Likes: 1)Fighting. He does love to fight. The adreline and rush. The battle of death. He enyos the weight of his armor and weapons and when he crosses his swords with his opponent.
2) Himself. He is really full about himself. He likes himself becase of his strength and his body.
Dislikes: 1) When someone is stronger then him. He does not like it because he does consider himself to be the strongest. He likes to win and see them bleed.
2) He does dislike people. He is not really comfortable to work with peoepel together. He does not like it to see them happy. He prefer does everythign on his own. Nice peoepel happy people and people who try to help or cooperate with him do annoy him and irritate him heavily.

Phobias/fears: Caphalor is not scared easily. When he is about to lose he turns it all into anger and rage. He does not fear anything but he does have a phobia. He does fear one thing. That is his future. He does fear that if he gets his goals that he will have nothing left to live for in life. He does not know what else he wants to do. That is what he fears the most.

word counter : 75

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: White
1.85 m
Weight: 68 kg

History: Caphalor is born in a normal family. He had a good life. A normal father who served the Kou empire. His mother did raise him really well. On school he had a few friends. He didnt get bullied or anything. The years pased by. Caphalor did grow up. He did in his younger years watch the soldiers fight. My father was also a strong soldier he was in the army. He fought in the frontlines. Caphalor admired his father. Already at young age he started to train. He did almost nothing else. He rained day and night. The older he got the more hours he spent on his training. At his 15th he was a amaing fighter. He lost his old self also at that age. He liked to fight. On his 16th he found out about ygo. Alot of peopele did play it and it was the new thing. Caphalor closed himself for the rest of the world all this time. He started to wantch and enjoyed watching peoepel fight. He wanted to play it too. It was kind of fighting but diffrent. Caphalor heard some peoepel talk about a school called CHA. It was a school where people learned to play the game and become pro s. I wanted to better then everyone. Caphalor did sign up waited for the answer.

Intro Song:
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Character Sheet: Caphalor Chanzou
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