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 CHA: TAOB Please Trust My Skills Necruta - Eli Jones

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PostSubject: CHA: TAOB Please Trust My Skills Necruta - Eli Jones   Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:14 pm

Name: Eli Sinclair Jones

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Does it seem so strange that no one has seen his face? A strange young man who wears a bizarre aline haircut, that covers his eyes. He's often seen in the uniform, but wears other types of clothes that look uniform in their nature. He has pale skin and wears a crescent shaped grin every time. He seems well to do and isn't actually as tall as he he appears from the distance standing at 5'4" and weighs about 114 pounds. For whatever reason he wears a tiara, but he never appears effeminate in his nature. He actually might seem to appear haughty, and maybe a little mischievous.
Yes I went image happy- 1st image needs a resizing




They say that there are two types of spoiled rich kids. The kind that have everything  they could ever want so they don't appreciate anything they have. And the type who have everything they want and nothing can make them happy any more. All though they never said that a spoiled kid could have a few loose marbles. Not to say that he's so crazy he would kill people, but he definitely has a twisted sense of malice and cruelty when it comes to duel monsters. And maybe he has a little bit of both being a little jaded and desensitized from appreciating the little things in life. He's not annoying, well he's not annoying until you meet his mother. Generally a mother's boy, he will often be seen pouting or whining when he loses. All though his family doesn't really have the power to do anything about it. His mother often will shower him in some kind of gift to please him or abide to his petulant ways. He is fickle, often bored, and being gifted with intelligence as well he finds no challenge in most things. His malicious, cruelty comes in two forms a way to lash out the inner frustration he feels from having everything he could ever want. And the second form is when he has found a challenge he might go mildly overboard. He likes ugly haircuts, a way to hide himself away because he hates compliments. He is often fickle, will change his mind often, and he can be distinctively whiny when things don't go his way. He doesn't sleep very well, and is often shown to like sweets and teddy bears.

She said he was her miracle. His mother's not a very important lady, well not any more. Really they are family of textile and fashion design. They are not very influential in duel monsters. But she says none the less that he is her little miracle. It's not talked about, their first child. The one she lost. She decided he was special. That he would get every wish she could grant him. He was smart and he was handsome. He remembers everyone when he was a child, saying oh how beautiful and smart he was. How beautiful and smart. Oh how beautiful and smart Lily. They would tell her. It was never really about him. Nothing was ever about him. It was always about his mother making herself feel better, after his father walked out on her after they lost their first child. She indulged him every wish he ever desired. He chose duel monsters because it didn't require being that smart. It took something like 40% smart, and it was almost always a game about chance and luck. What you will draw next. Just to avoid going to some boring school that would milk him like a cow and use his brain, so his mother could get more praise. He decided to ruin all her friends by wanting to go to CHA. That's what he decided. And his mom never told him no. She could never say no. He had to cause a tantrum just to get his way, but he managed enough to get into CHA. He likes duel monsters because it's all about being lucky and nothing about him being smart. But his mother may have left him ill equipped to deal with social situations with other kids like himself.

Theme Song:

Crimson, rebellious flames, ignite my soul on fire. I am the immortal flames.
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CHA: TAOB Please Trust My Skills Necruta - Eli Jones
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