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Head of RP

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PostSubject: CHA:TAOB Rules   Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:32 pm

In this RP we're going to the basics of yugioh again and thus we shall not have access to all cards right from the start however as the RP goes on more and more cards will be added to the card pool.

In the decks we can't run more than 2 copies of each card unless the card is limitted or banned HOWEVER if the card lists multiple numbers of itself for an effect like thunder dragon or gorgonic ghoul then you're allowed to run 3 of that card unless there is a card which allows itself to be treated as that card, like proto cyber dragon for cyber dragon for example.
Speaking about limitted or banned, we are going to make a seperate banlist for the RP so at the start of the RP there will be no banned or limited cards.

In the RP you shall be handed a starter deck and 5 random cards from the booster sets:
Legend of Blue eyes white dragon
Metal raiders
Magic Ruler
Pharaoh's servant

I will be keeping track of who has which card so if you want to trade a card with someone please post it in the place in the forums dedicated for it.

Now you're wondering how you will get new cards,  every week I'll put up 3 cards for sale for differing prices and packs will also be in the shop.


since there is no skype contact field in the profile contact field i'll just put it in here
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