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 NSP Intro in Masked

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PostSubject: NSP Intro in Masked    NSP Intro in Masked  I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2015 2:07 pm

Hey guys, this is a roleplay in Masked that im starting up, i was wondering if any of you were interested in joining it and playing it with me. All i need is members to join and i can start it whenever i have enough members ^^ Link already said this was ok for me to do as well so i dont want any stupid arguments about advertising.

Website Link:


Setting: Deep in the Ribon Nebula, is a section of space where you can find a metal planet. It is not known how it was created, or made, or how it got there. But it has become an inter spacial hit, a section of it turned into a huge tourist attraction. This is called Zone 1. There are 5 Zones in total, and only two out of the five have been explored and conquered. The first one and the second one, conquered by two different people. Because of this, everyone wanted to conquer the next Zones. It spread like wild fire. Different species coming into the planet, with one goal on their minds. To become one of the kings. The Planet it called Ribon, Taken from the nebula it was found in. The year is also 15,468

Plot: Sort of a Sandbox/Adventure the main plot is to get the next three Zones Conquered.

Character Info:

Your characters will be limited a little bit.

The way the character making works here is that, you have the ability to choose one out of the four species to become. And once you have chosen one of these species, they can ONLY become one out of the three titles. Ninja, Pirate, or Bounty Hunter.


Human: Pretty Self explanatory, you are a human being coming into Ribon to become one of the kings. Many years have passed from IRL time. The humans have evolved into a new species at this point. They look the same, but all of their senses are enhanced. Human might not be the strongest out of the species, but it most definitely has the most options.

Mogmar: The Lava/Humanoid Species. These species, a branch off from the humans have evolved to be one with lava. Because of this they are immune to the heat. A trait given by every Mogmar no matter what. But there are some distinct differences found within these species. There are 3 types of Mogmars. The White, Red, and Blue. They are classified by the color of their hair. Blue being almost extinct. Red being uncommon, and White being the norm. The ones with White hair, are the weakest, Red being stronger, and Blue being the strongest. The Species are considered Pure Warriors. They look exactly like a human, but their hair and eyes being completely different.

Restrictions for this species: You CAN NOT be a blue. And you CAN NOT be a red. You can only become a full white, and character sheet MUST have white hair. The eyes can be any color you'd like.

If you do choose this species you will get a PM from me discussing the one power your character will be getting. Dont think it will be strong, something weak but at the same time strong, you'll see what im talking about if you choose this.

Lurcan: These species are very calm, collected, and wise. While at the same time they are considered the most competitive species in the galaxy. Because of this, it has driven their population to almost go extinct. Do you take the challenge of being a Lurcan. Because i am entering different figures, it is harder to find a face claim. So i have found one for you. This will be your Lurcan. Can change it in text if you want

Gjinmyr: These species are unknown, a species known to be alive ever since the dawn of life. There isn't much known about them other than they are one with nature. Being a surviving species for a long time, they have learned many things about the universe, but even then only a specific few of these species are chosen to hold the secrets and pass it down to the next generation. You're passive is being one with nature. It comes natural to all Gjins.

Like the Lurcans you can use this face claim and have a detailed paragraph of what he looks like.


Pirate: The pirates in earth may be boring, but the ones in space are advanced. They are feared by many species as some have been known to conquer planets with ease.

Bounty Hunter: The janitors of deep space. They are not people you want to mess with. The ability to take down Pirates and Ninjas is a skill to watch out for.

Ninja: (The ninja i think im butchering quite a bit) The ninja over the hundreds of years have changed in appearance and definition. Going towards the direction of a mercenary, they have become ruthless, dangerous, and a force to be reckoned with

Because they are famous through out space there have been many wanna be's, going around tarnishing the name of the true people who take up the name.


NSP Intro in Masked  MGSPCQK
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NSP Intro in Masked
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