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 Midnight shield's test results

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Midnight shield's test results Empty
PostSubject: Midnight shield's test results   Midnight shield's test results I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2015 2:00 am

written test  45/50

Catagory----------Duel 1-----------Duel 2---------Duel 3

WINS ----------- 0---------  0points-------- 3 points

CREATIVITY-------- 1--------2 points -------- 3 points

FIELD CONTROL----- 2 points ------- 0 points --------3 points

RECOVERY ---------1-------- 0points--------- 0 points

DECKS -------------2--------- 3 points---------3 points

OBSTRUCTION-------1-------- 0 points --------2 points

ATTITUDE ---------- 5

total possible:   31/50

Total 76/100

Welcome to ebon magician Yellow

Midnight shield's test results 7

since there is no skype contact field in the profile contact field i'll just put it in here
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Midnight shield's test results
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