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 The Human World Chapter 1

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PostSubject: The Human World Chapter 1    Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:31 pm

The Human World
Chapter 1

Firebreath was walking down a long dirt road, the area around him was full of life, animals, just nature. Along the dirt road he could see the city he was headed towards, the main castle sticking out indicating how far it was. The sky was bright and the smell of spring was in the air. He was wearing a black t-shirt, with black cargo pants, his right arm showing was completely burnt, his left eye also had a scar going straight down. On his hip he had a katana, the sheath colored black, while the handle was orange and white.

The city was surrounded by a huge stone wall, with four gates on each side, north, south, east, west. The one Firebreath was walking towards was the south gate. On each side of the gate there was a knight, in full black armor, both of them had long swords, pushing on the handle while the tip was lodged into the ground. The cities name was Terrenus, a widely famous city, Firebreath had been to this place before.

Walking by the two guards, he looked around to take in the area, in front of him was a long line full of people, at each side of that line were 2-3 story buildings. It was like this all over the city, while right in the middle was a huge castle. That was where Firebreath was headed.

The castle was surrounded by another stone wall but it was smaller than the outer wall, and this time it only had one entrance gate. It was blocked by a metal gate, guarded by two black armoured knights like the ones from the previous gate.

Firebreath was blocked by their two swords, the one to the left saying “State your business or begone.” “I was summoned by the king, i am known as Firebreath” Fire said.

The guards were quick to opening the gate, the castle itself was huge, and had an unsettling feeling to it, where Fire entered the vicinity, but knowing the king it was normal. Walking up the pathway to the door he was greeted by a woman in a maids suit. “Follow me Master Fire, i’ll take you to our king. Fire didn’t answer to her, instead he followed patiently, he didn’t know why he was called here by this man, all he knew it wasn’t something of concern with their past. The king was smart, too smart to hold a grudge, instead they have grown to be acquaintances in a weird way, along with a couple more people through his life so far.

As soon as the maid had brought Fire to the Kings Chambers, she pointed at it and walked away. Fire was looking at the door that separated him from the king. He was starting to feel cold, which for him was very rare, only someone like the king could do something like this, considering how strong he has gotten over the couple of years since his first steps onto this world. Fire grabbed the doors handle and turned it, opening the door.

A bright light hit his face, blinding him for a couple of seconds, before he could catch his sight. Inside all he saw was a large wooden desk with a man sitting on a large red chair behind the desk. to the sides of the huge desk there were two men talking to each other, their bodies slightly turned towards the man in the chair. All three of them looked at Fire. The two standing both gave him a stale look, knowing this was going to happen. “Took you long enough... “ The one standing the farthest away from the three. He had long orange hair, and red eyes tinted with gold, he was also had glasses on. He was wearing a very thin sweater, covered in weird designs, while underneath he had a blackish greyish vest, over a white shirt. Underneath he was wearing blue jeans, that seemed to be one more size than him. HIs name was Orpheus.

The man standing next to him had long messy brown hair, it went down to his upper back, with light blue eyes, he wasn’t wearing a shirt, but his arms were covered in bandages, and the pants he was wearing complete black karate pants, his name was Kane.

The man on the chair, had the same type of hair as Kane but was black and shorter, he was wearing a dress shirt and dress pants, he had a dark look to him, the atmosphere around him already dark, even though behind him the sun was shining bright. His name was Akuma.

“Tch.” Fire mustered. “I’m sorry i wasn’t in the same continent, like you two were…” Being the last one to something serious was usual for Fire. “I was busy with this new discovery, the people found. I was thinking of using it as an energy source.”

Orpheus let out a laugh “Yes yes… we know you’re smart. We’ve all seen your useless robots” He said.

“Enough… Akuma called us all here for a reason.” Kane said, he was stopping an argument that was about to blow.

Akuma looked at the three, his face was serious, setting the tone of this meeting. “I called all of you three here today, because of what Firebreath has.” He looked at him.

Firebreath was confused “What?? I have a lot of things be more specific.” he said, the others were also confused, they didn’t know where Akuma was getting at, except orpheus.

“The soul you have. You do know that soul is very dangerous, there is people out there hunting you down already.” Akuma said.

“Yea… i met with two of them, they almost had me, but i got lucky, they were strong.” Orpheus said.

Firebreath brought up his hand and places it on his chest, it slowly goes inside, and comes out with a bright small ball. “You mean this?? Someone gave it to me while i was on my travels. It was an old friend of mine, why would there be people coming for me because of this?” Firebreath asked, he was confused, what did he stumble into this time, he wondered.

Akume got up from his chair and walked towards the soul “Yes, this soul has great power, it is very dangerous, there are people out there who wants to lock this up and take it away. I on the other hand has a better plan.” He turned around towards Kane and Orpheus. “None of us can handle this power, our bodies would fail. But according to my sources there is a very rare mage walking among us. His name is Merlin” Akuma said.

“Merlin?? I thought he was dead?” He asked. “Not him, he is dead, but this kid might as well deserve the name, cause right now he might be weak, but if we give him this soul, if he gains power, he might be unstoppable…” Akuma said.

“Cause giving him a very powerful soul is the smart thing to do…” Orpheus stated. Firebreath let out a snicker.

“Thats not what i meant, what i meant was, the group coming for us is stronger than us, they are more advanced, far from our abilities, at a next level if you will, if we get Merlin on our side, we might have a chance…” Akuma said.

Firebreath put the soul back into his chest, and looked at Akuma. “Fine lets say these people are as strong as you say, what makes you think Merlin will say yes to our offer, where can we even find this kid…” Fire said, he didn’t like the idea of how this group was in another level than the four.  

“Oh trust me…. Merlin will say yes.” Akuma said. He looked at Orpheus and Kane. “I already know Fire’s answer, but what about you two.” he stated, in the background Fire gave Akuma a face, trying to play it off, make it seem like he was wrong but he was right.

“Alright. They need a good beating anyways, some payback if you know what i mean.” Orpheus said with ease. Kane on the other hand was thinking about it, he was debating whether it was a good idea or not to get involved in something like this. “...Yea.” Came out of Kanes mouth but thats not what he wanted to say, he was under pressure, but it was better than no answer, he didn’t know what to say.

Akuma let out a sigh of relief, as if he has been stressing all week about this. “We rest up here the night. You can explore and what not, but tomorrow we head out. I was given information that Merlin was sighted in a nearby town, just a couple miles from Terrenus"


Please post on what you think about this chapter, ill be posting more chapters later on, i had fun making this, please dont hold back on the criticism ^^

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PostSubject: Feedback   Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:30 pm

I liked it, but I think you introduced too many characters in too little time. You should have just stuck with Fire and Akuma, then said the others were in the city.
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The Human World Chapter 1
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