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 MVO(My Version Of) Words I Never Said

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PostSubject: MVO(My Version Of) Words I Never Said   Wed Mar 12, 2014 10:25 pm

Some of the most important words are the ones that are never spoken.
With just a drop of a whisper and the silence can be broken
If we sit here and listen to lies
when will the truth ever be realized?
Well Stand up and speak your mind!
I'm telling you things will not be fine
and things will not get better unless you make a change today
Don't let your soul wither away
Instead get up and get loud!
Scream at the top of your lungs, go ahead and shout!
Don't let yourself get shut out.
Don't just think about it talk about it
Sing about it! Don't just sit there and be silent
show your energy, be vibrant!
Cause you have a choice
and you have a voice so make yourself be heard!
People will say they hear you, but you gotta make them hear your words
Don't just bottle up your thoughts inside your head
Cause one day, you'll regret not speaking the words you never said.
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MVO(My Version Of) Words I Never Said
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